Chapter 3 The King Family Must Return the Favor 

The classroom fell silent

The students stood there dumbfounded

Not only because the timid Hedy had just hit someone or Hedy had emerged victorious

But because- 

They hadn’t even seen Hedy’s movements

Hedy’s speed was like special effects from a movie

Too unreal

The boy who had been beaten bent his body and stood up, one hand covering his face and the other clutching his stomach, his eyes filled with shock and indignation

Hedy, how dare you hit me! Have you forgotten who my mom is?!” 

His name was Jack Smith, and his mother, Lisa Jones, was one of the trustees at Lowell High School

How dare Hedy mess with him? She was risking her future at Lowell High School

Only the incompetent emphasize the support they have when they are at a disadvantage. Keep bluffing!Hedy said calmly 

Just wait!” 

Jack threatened as he stormed out of the classroom to report to his 



Chapter 3 The King Family Must Retum the favor 

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The rest of the students exchanged bewildered glances, expecting Hedy to regret or show fear

But there was no trace of fear on Hedy’s face

She calmly flipped open her textbook, as if there was no one else around

The morning light cast a slanting glow on her, enveloping her in a dazzling warmth. But the impression she gave off was cold, so cold that people dared not approach her. She seemed detached from the world, both lonely and arrogantly aloof

I must be hallucinating. How could a bumpkin become an aloof goddess!” 

The less resilient children kept patting their heads with the palms of their hands, trying to snap themselves out of it

Meanwhile, Geary Village’s First Hospital

In the special ward

an IV drip, his complexion much rosier.

man with a regal bearing and a tall

and pale, with clearly defined knuckles. It was as if an artist was sculpting a masterpiece, and it

in the room




Family Mont

200 cars 

am fine. Preston, don’t

continuing to peel

exchanged a glance

Michael gathered his

the mountains. He didn’t expect to run into

person chimed in. “We haven’t figured out who sent

or clue, considering the

Preston stopped peeling the

commander is related

possible for her to pull off such a thing.”

Killer Queen

“Queen” is not her code name, but rather the honorary

traversed the depths of the Amazon rainforest, and dismantled some

it was Queen, everything that had happened made





The King


iPad next to him, entered a website address, and a video popped

aimed the screen at everyone and pressed

low light to obscure the

light revealed a young boy lying on the ground, his profile displaying

Don’t you want to be reunited with

unexpectedly, the young boy gasped

pain, given his

cursed in anger. “Save him! Save him now! Weren’t you supposed to be more gentle?

in and made every effort to resuscitate

He had died


Queen’s younger brother.”

Michael explained




The King Family turn the rever

her brother from the organization. However, her brother

recorded the video to force Queen to come

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