Chapter 22 If Lowell High School Misses the Championship Because of Hedy 

Hedy was a little upset. 

The cake was taken halfway, so she was far away from Preston when she slept. 

There was a gap between them, like a young couple who had quarreled. 

On the other side, Preston leaned against the bedside while reading, and occasionally glanced at Hedy out of the corner of his eye with a faint smile. 

It was the first time he’d seen Hedy sulking. 

It might sound a bit inconsiderate, but she was indeed much cuter than when she was expressionless. 

Early the next morning, Hedy slowly sat up straight with dark circles under her eyes. 

She had been too far away from Preston last night, and she couldn’t smell the soothing fragrance, so she hadn’t slept very well. 

She rubbed the back of her neck and walked out of the bedroom. 

“Good morning, Ms. Ellis. Childe King ordered before he left that if you want to eat cake, there is chilled tiramisu in the refrigerator.” The maid followed Hedy with a big smile on her face. 

Childe King had made it with his own hands last night! 

Hedy paused. 

She was instantly refreshed 

Chapter 22 If Lowell High School Misses the Championship Recau 

1288 Vouchers 

After eating the tiramisu, Iledy drove to Lowell High School. 

When she got out of the car, the door of the red car in front just happened to open, and two familiar people got off. 

One was Ronin, the chess mentor at Lowell High School, and the other 

was the dessert shop proprietress whom she had met yesterday. 

The proprietress supported Ronin to get out of the car, “Dad, be careful.” 

Ronin was her father. 

After Ronin, who was on crutches, got out of the car, the proprietress also noticed Hedy. 

“It’s you, the beautiful girl who bought the cake yesterday!” The proprietress’s eyes lit up, “What a coincidence. Why are you here?” 

For someone who liked good looks, the existence of Hedy was a bunch of sparkling rare treasures! 

“She is a student of Lowell High School, and she is also the one who will participate in the inter-school league.” Ronin glanced at Hedy and walked into the school on crutches. 

“So you are my dad’s student. With his indifferent temperament, he must have caused you a lot of trouble, right?” The proprietress smiled awkwardly, “Do you like dessert? You can come to my shop after school. You can eat whatever you want! It’s on the house.” 

Her words attracted Hedy. 

accept free lunches.


thought about it, and found a way to get the best of both worlds, “I remember there was a

22 If Lowell High School Misses

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to want to earn some pocket

shop to work part-time after school.” The proprietress held out her hand, “My name is Grace

shook her hand.

was over soon.

left school, there came Kelly’s voice from

from Class 7, Grade 3, come to the

Kelly ask to see her?


than a dozen students were standing, all of whom were about to represent

showed contempt

office, Gloria spoke loudly, “Principal Thomas, we’ve found out that Hedy did

to report for two consecutive days, and even derogated the chess records that we’ve trained so hard on as ‘this little

angry, but it’s a trivial matter. The important thing is the reputation of the school.

to send a novice to play on the

is the case, other schools will laugh at us and

Lowell High School Misses the


High School has no talents, and we can’t even get together a team of 20

flashed in

hard to get and

will directly unite with other students and kick you out of the participating team. I’ll wait

can’t play chess?” Hedy walked into the principal’s office

she was playing against the world’s number one chess player, Gloria

play a game


with me?” Hedy’s eyes flashed sarcasm, “Who do

to play

Gloria’s face was

the table and asked Hedy, “Choose someone you think is worthy to play chess with and show

agreed with Hedy to represent Lowell High School because of Hedy’s outstanding

she gotten full marks in her monthly exams, but she had also taught the

if Lowell High School

Preston also spoke highly of

288 Vouchers. 

he heard Hedy say that she was going to participate in the inter-school chess league, he had assumed that Hedy could play chess and played it well.

exam, so he

chess, he wouldn’t let her participate in the

School was a school for all.

Lowell High School belonged to


can play chess.” Ronin came in with crutches, and his gray hair was swaying with

came to the chess room yesterday, I was playing chess.

chessboard for three seconds and then set her sights on the ‘chariot’ position, making sure that this move was the

move for a full twenty minutes, but it only took her three seconds.

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