Chapter 21 Your Cake Is Gone 

Everyone in the chess room was stunned. 

That made Hedy go? 

And what did Hedy mean by that? 

What was “just learn this stuff”? 

Was she very awesome? 

“I’m going to the Chess Association’s official website to check Hedy’s level.” 

Boy A took out his mobile phone, logged on to the official website of Chess Association, entered Hedy’s name, and the search result was 0. 

“O” meant that Hedy had not registered her name with the Chess Association. 

It also meant that she had never passed the exam! 

“What the hell? I thought she was awesome, but she didn’t even pass the grade test. She’s a pure novice!” Student A complained about his mobile phone, 

“I knew it. She is just a village girl. How can she know how to play chess?” 

Hedy came from a mountain village where teaching resources were very scarce. How could she have the opportunity to get in touch with chess? 

“Then why does she look down on what we have learned? We are all 

Chapter 21 Your Cake Is Gone 

eighth-level chess players in the Chess Association!” Girl B complained. 

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The highest level of strength in the Chess Association was Grandmaster, and in descending order, there were Alternate Grandmasters, First-level Chess Players… and Fifteenth-level Chess Players. 

It was already good enough for them to become Eighth-level Chess Players at their age. 

“Principal Thomas made a mistake. He put Hedy in the team before he even checked her level.” Boy C frowned. 

“The host of this competition is Lowell High School. If we lose to others on our territory, how embarrassing it would be?” Girl D sighed. 

The accompanying teachers nodded in agreement. 

It would be embarrassing to lose their territory. 

“Maybe the principal trusts Hedy a lot,” Gloria said softly. 

“Oh, you’re so gentle, unlike me. I want to beat Hedy.” Others were impressed. 

“Thanks.” Gloria smiled modestly, feeling relieved. 

To be honest, when she first heard Hedy say that she would come to participate in the inter-school league, she was quite flustered because Hedy was now full of uncertainty. 

hidden master who would steal her thunder and disrupt her plans.

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Your Cake Is Gone

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King, it’s all my fault. I accidentally bumped into Ms. Ellis at the corner and broke the cake…” the maid

Ellis seemed to like the tiramisu

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