Chapter 20 Let Me Participate in the InterSchool Chess Tournament 

Sun’s move worked well, and everyone turned their attention to Hedy when they heard she had a question

Hedy asked, Do you all know about the Inter-School Chess Tournament?” 

Of course.” 

Each one of them took turns explaining and adding information. It’s an annual competition held among eight high schools, authorized by the San Francisco’s Chess Association.” 

The eight high schools include LWHS, San Francisco Waldorf High School, San Francisco International High School, Abraham Lincoln High Schooland Lowell High School.” 

Lowell High School is the only private elite school among them.” 

Each year, the eight high schools take turns hosting the tournament, and this year it happens to be Lowell High School’s turn to be the host.” 

Our school has already selected twenty students at the beginning of the year and has been training them ever since.” 

What’s unique about this tournament is that it’s not only a competition among students but also mentors.” 

“In the finals, if the scores of the student participants end up tied, the mentors will battle it out to secure the final point.” 

If a mentor is unavailable or unwilling, the school can appoint a student to take their place, although no one has done so yet.” 



You fool! Of course, no one would do that. The student participants are rookies, while the mentors are like level bosses. Have you ever seen a rookie defeat a boss alone?” 

That’s right, haha! So, Goddess Hedy, why are you asking about this?” 

This was the source of confusion among the Class 7 students

I’m participating in this tournament,Hedy’s exquisite face revealed a determined expression

It wasn’t a mere desire,but a demand.” 

She was determined to participate, determined to win, and determined to complete Trial Mission (2)

Sun looked troubled. That might be difficult.” 

The InterSchool Tournament wasn’t a stage where one could simply claim a spot

It was an event that reflected the reputation of the school, and the twenty participating students were carefully selected by the school

Furthermore, this tournament was of great importance to those twenty 


They needed this competition to evaluate and improve their skills, and if they missed this opportunity, they would have to wait until the end of the year

Moreover, the tournament explicitly stated that each school could only send twenty students, no more

In such a situation, they couldn’t expect one of the originally selected twenty students to willingly give up their spot for Goddess Hedy



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Kelly called Hedy

What do you want?”

A reward

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you want to participate in that?

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give my spot to Hedy,” Jayden from Class 1

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Jayden blushed, and he quickly looked away.

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