Chapter 19 Mr. Evan

Dominating the forumreferred to a person, event, or thing that garnered unprecedented attention on a specific section of an online forum, with numerous related posts, overwhelming other threads

Hedy looked at Sun’s phone and noticed that the chitchat section of the Lowell High School forum was filled with topics related to her

Each thread had a high number of replies and views

From bottom of the grade to top, what is Hedy’s secret?” 

I heard Hedy taught all the subjects to Class 7. Is it true?” 

Not biased, analyzing Hedy’s drumming skills from a professional perspective.” 

From being a student to becoming a teacher, then a drummer, and finally a hero who saved a boy. I’m in love with her, what about you?” 

Hedy is the true Goddess of Lowell High School. If you disagree, keep it to yourself!” 

Hey, can anyone here get engaged to me and then dump me? I also want to be transformed like Hedy!” 

At present, the evaluation of Hedy in the forum was consistent

Firstly, she was highly intelligent and excelled academically. Furthermore, she possessed an astonishing ability to teach multiple subjects, leading Class 7 to victory and creating a miracle that would be recorded in the school’s history



Secondly, her drumming skills were impressive, on par with top drummers in the country

Lastly, beneath her aloof exterior, there must be a passionate heart; or she wouldn’t have sacrificed herself to save others

Why did Hedy undergo such a transformation

Everyone attributed it to Oliver

It was widely known that in Hedy’s three years at Lowell High School, Oliver had never shown her a friendly face

Oliver even openly stated that Gloria was his ideal girlfriend, which was a direct insult to Hedy

Maybe Hedy decided to fight back and prove herself after enduring enough

However, she went a bit overboard and ended up becoming a prominent figure in the school

Who doesn’t love a story of turning the tables against all odds

They wished they were Hedy, so they could confront and prove wrong those who had insulted and ridiculed them in the past

The students from Class 2 were filled with regret and personally came to the forum to criticize themselves, wishing that time could turn back

In response, everyone sarcastically said, Now you regret it? Just get lost!” 

Now they regret it

What were they doing earlier



collectively lied, and if Hedy hadn’t recorded the video

which, everyone began praising

strategic. meticulous, and single–handedly taking down

thought about it, the

is saying how awesome Goddess Hedy is,” Sun



gaze and looked at Sun. “I have a question

she said

about the

the question?” Sun blinked his eyes eagerly.

Hedy could speak, a girl rushed in from outside.

news! Mr.

was like a thunderclap, causing a stir

we pass the exam?” Sun widened

passed but also scored higher on average

from Class 1 not accept it and play dirty tricks to



Ovepter 1914 Event 

true, I’m going to give them

one were highly charged, and some boys even rolled up their sleeves, preparing for a fight.

gasped for breath. “I don’t know why Mr. Evan resigned, but I saw him holding the resignation letter and walking towards the school

her words, everyone rushed

So did Hedy

school gate.

with a

plaque, but to his surprise, the students he once taught came running towards him. It brought tears to his

say goodbye to you all, but here you are, coming to me,” Mr. Evan shook the resignation letter

no longer a

Class 7 over the three years showed that his teaching abilities were not up to

the intention to resign.

solidified his decision.

the gap between

showed him that having a heart that cared for



14 w Event


continue to “mislead

Then what will you do?” Sun’s tone carried a hint of sadness.

come to appreciate how dedicated Mr. Evan was to Class 7.

back to inherit the family business,” Mr. Evan smiled

students sensed a bittersweet undertone in

the girls, with tears in her eyes, spoke up. “What family business? Are you going back to herd

knew that Mr. Evan’s family

took a step forward, tears welling up in his eyes.

the sound of an

sports car stopped behind Mr. Evan,

gracefully stepped out of the car, one on each side,

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