Chapter 18 The Girl Who Cries Only in Dreams 

Preston’s hand paused as he applied the medicine

He only knew she was an assassin, but he had never considered that she could suppress even her survival instincts

It wasn’t hard to imagine what kind of life she had led

After a moment, Hedy supported her shoulder and her brows relaxed. Thank you,she said

The medicine did indeed make her feel much better

The King Family truly lived up to its reputation as a centuryold family in the USA

The effectiveness of this medicine was several times stronger than the ones she had bought at exorbitant prices on the black market

Maybe you can try saying something other than thank youto me.” 

Preston’s chest vibrated as he let out a pleasant chuckle

Despite living under the same roof, they still felt so distant

It made him question his charm

Then let’s sleep, I’m tired,Hedy responded. Her indifferent eyes sparkled under the lamplight

Preston was left speechless

Now he was certain that he held no allure to her



Chap 1 The Chen City 

With Preston around, Hedy fell asleep quickly

However, tonight was a bit different 

The little boy in her arms reminded her of her brother, Cooper

In her dream, she was transported back to the povertystricken slums where it all began

It was a dirty, chaotic, and impoverished place, filled with people of different nationalities and various skin colors

Her parents never cared for her, but luckily, the kind old neighbor was a friendly person

He taught her how to read, write, and instilled in her a sense of etiquette and responsibility 

After the old neighbor passed away, Cooper was born

She knew very well that if she didn’t take care of Cooper, no one else would

She negotiated with the owner of the powdered milk shop, offering her labor in exchange for powdered milk. However, on the day of the settlement, the shop owner deceived her, denying ever making such an agreement because she was just a child

She snatched the powdered milk and ran, only to be surrounded and beaten by a group of men who accused her of being a thief

No one came to her aid

As winter approached, Hedy washed and dried the clothes her grandfather had left her



him and even tied her to a tree as punishment.

one came to

awakened by the cold.

sleeve was wet, and a gust of night wind brought an intensified chill.

What was happening

the light and found the girl beside him

soaked his

He was startled

her in her dreams was starkly different from the cold and aloof

dreams that you can cry so freely?”

her tears. But the tears continued to flow.

brow furrowed even deeper.

kind of dream could make

see her cry

he pulled the young girl into his embrace, trying to



18 The Cat War C Clyt

In the dream

slowly closed her

immediate warmth enveloping her.


Preston’s body

The next morning

eyes, and the first thing she

sat up abruptly, and the calm

it so unacceptable to wake up in my arms?” Preston chuckled, placing the back of his

was so

time, Preston felt a

but here she was, lying in his embrace,

wanted to sleep in your arms,”

is resting on




Com Dody

a slight drowsy laziness. Paired with his face, which exuded an enchanting and wicked charm, he could be described as a

and saw her hand resting there.

she quickly withdrew her hand, her eyes revealing a hint of embarrassment.

Preston’s upbringing and background, he would never force a woman to be close to

embrace him and then blamed it


stopped smiling and honestly explained what happened last

comfort. Then,

lingering effects of his soft–heartedness from last night,

Hedy fell silent

noticed her fingers slowly clenching

for your comfort.” Hedy’s expression returned to

turned out that the source

to hearing words other than



while, his deep

other than ‘thank you“?

lowered her gaze, unsure of what Preston wanted to hear from her.

of bed, freshened up, and was

same time, she heard a notification sound from the system:

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