Chapter 17 The Stage Collapsed

The performance concluded with Hedy’s final drum beats

She removed her headphones and was about to leave when Sun caught his breath and shouted into the microphone

Wise and mighty Goddess Hedy!” 

Hedy looked up, puzzled

The audience below also looked at Sun, equally perplexed

Sun then dropped to one knee, holding the microphone in one hand and extending the other hand towards Hedy, as if awaiting divine favor

The rest of the students from Class 7 also turned their backs to the audience, halfkneeling on the ground, one hand behind their backs and the other reaching towards Hedy

Their young faces were filled with adoration and joy

This scene was something Hedy had witnessed when she first joined Class 7

It was just like this moment

They all spoke in unison with resounding voices

Please ascend to the throne, wield your scepter, and dispel the fog and darkness!” 

It was originally just a playful remark




It was a name that was born out of extreme boredom and the influence of their teenage fantasy

But Hedy, like a divine being descended from the heavens, had 

dispersed the fog around them and allowed them to overtake the long- standing leading Class One in just half a month

She helped them regain their dignity and selfconfidence from the dark 


Some people had mocked Hedy, claiming she was unworthy of being called Goddess Hedy

But now they were submitting themselves to her, proclaiming to the world

Hedy indeed deserved the title Goddess Hedy.” 

Goddess Hedy! Goddess Hedy!” 

The devoted fans in the audience stood up, cheering and celebrating

Goddess Hedy! Goddess Hedy!” 

Others joined in, intensifying the atmosphere to the extreme

With a quick response and presence of mind, the host promptly intervened and asked the students from Class 7 to leave the stage. Otherwise, this party would have turned into a personal fan meeting for Hedy

In the audience seats, Gloria listened to louder cheers and applause than what she had received during her performance, her smile uncontrollably contorting her face

Gloria, are you feeling unwell?Oliver asked worriedly



Chispter 17 The Stage Collapsed

18 288 Voucheri 

Gloria quickly adjusted her expression and turned to look

his gaze was fixed on Hedy’s departing figure, filled with

play the drums,

lace embellishments on

Damn Hedy




members, some had just come off the stage,

young boy running around, probably the child of

admiration was about to overflow from his eyes.

that Hedy was always better

in combat, academics, or even playing the

and students from Class 2 were






tomorrow!” Sun waved his hand and led his

checked the time and planned to go home.

echoed from above,

lights vanished instantly, screams filled the air, and flames ran rampant.

The little boy cried amidst the

anxiously looked

where you are, don’t move. I am coming to find you!” She


noise came from above as a fractured support beam came crashing down toward the boy!

reached out her hand

watched as her child was

the boy in her arms and allowing

stage collapsed even more, and

the stage, Kelly directed the evacuation




brought in to extinguish the flames.

their prompt actions, the casualties

the surroundings, his brows furrowing.

time, Hedy should still be around

Kelly said casually, “She might have already left. but even if she hasn’t, with her abilities, this level of accident wouldn’t harm her. Don’t

girl was the fierce woman who could take down an Italian

made sense and decided

under the support beam! That girl named Hedy is also under the support beam! Please save them!” The boy’s mother cried out as she passed

paused and abruptly turned

guards pushed away the largest support beam. As

a girl cradling the boy, half–kneeling on the ground. Her other hand was supporting the boy’s head as if she was concerned about any

his face covered in dirt and

released the boy

and the others, who had heard the commotion and




tone was calm as she brushed off the dust from

passed, people looked at her


risk their own lives to save

walking normally and seemed fine, everyone’s worry subsided,

usually is, I never expected her to… huh? Preston, where are you?”

searched for a while but

Outside the school

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