Chapter 16 She Sets the Stage on Fire

Laughter filled the room as everyone joked and laughed together

In the front row, Hedy closed her eyes and, when she opened them again, she saw the information panel from the system

Trial mission (1) completed.” 

A new mission will be released tomorrow. Stay tuned.” 

Mr. Evan appeared at the classroom door. It’s our turn for makeup. Hurry to the dressing room and get ready for the performance!” 

Wow!Sun exclaimed, leading the students as they rushed out

The classroom was now empty, with only Hedy flipping through her books

Hedy, why don’t you go to the dressing room as well? See if you can help with anything,Mr. Evan suggested with a smile

He wanted Hedy to integrate into the group

She was always so solitary

Hedy nodded. There was nothing else for her to do anyway

Watching Hedy’s retreating figure, Mr. Evan pursed his lips

As he reflected on the transformation of these students in recent days, an idea slowly formed in his mind



Chapter 16 She Sets the Stage on Fire

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In the dressing room

A professional makeup artist hired by the school was applying various cosmetics on the faces of Class 7 students

Hedy leaned against the wall, arms crossed. There was no need for her to help in this area

Occasionally, girls from other classes blushed as they approached the makeup artist, asking questions like, Is my eye makeup smudged?or Can you touch up my makeup?or even Will I look prettier like this?” 

Their cautious yet excited behavior had one reason: Childe King, the new trustee of Lowell High School, would be attending the party

Childe King was the dream man desired by countless girls worldwide

If they caught Childe King’s attention during this performance, they would instantly climb up the social ladder

Any San Francisco corporation that stood before the King Family would have to bow down

If I were a girl, I’d want to marry Childe King too!A boy from Class 7 exclaimed

Unlike you, I just want to marry Goddess Hedy!the girls from Class 7 said, their voices filled with admiration

Men couldn’t hold a candle to Goddess Hedy

They were completely conquered by her

On the stage, the host began to liven up the atmosphere

After an impassioned speech, the students took turns performing 



16 She Sets the Stage on Fire!

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determined by the

quality of their performances, everyone received a certain

announced the names “Gloria” and “Oliver,” the applause reached its

erupted in excited

Gloria, Goddess Gloria!” 

Oliver, Oliver!” 

the most popular students at Lowell High

been criticized for the library incident, their status

gracefully played the piano, her neck

his violin, his focused expression making him

harmonious scene with

music concluded, the applause grew

Gloria, while others rested their

Gloria’s performance good?”

wonderful. I’ve just heard it



Sets the Stage on

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had been three years since Gloria played the

the piano was always there, and he wasn’t exactly a

wanted to see something new and


were getting ready, but just as they were about to perform on stage, the music teacher in

you on the


the students

are the main accompanying instrument. Without the drums, the entire style of the piece will change,

be this critical moment? Where can we find someone who can play

do it,” Hedy walked over and extended her hand. “Give me the metronome.”

known as the jazz drums, were rhythmic instruments.

of the majority of songs



She Sets the Stage on

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sheet music. Instead, they relied on a metronome pre–set

control the rhythm

can play the drums?” Sun widened his eyes

Hedy replied, putting on the headphones.

drums used to be her only outlet for

greatest drummer of the century” according to

students from Class 7 of the senior year. They will be performing a song called ‘Natural.‘ Let’s give it up

erupted, filling the air with enthusiasm.

took the stage, and the lights dimmed, leaving only a

began singing

you hold the

giving up or giving

this house of

consequence or

to an end,



16 She Sets the Stage on

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