Chapter 15 The Rankings 

The rankings are out, let me see who’s at the bottom!” 

Shit, the last place isn’t from Class 7? Something’s not right!” 

Forget about the last place, there’s not a single student from Class 7 among the last ten or even the last hundred?” 

The Class 1 students started to panic, and even Ms. Lee became slightly nervous

It must be a system error!Jayden speculated

Yeah, the system must have excluded Class 7,” Mia sneered. Maybe they thought Class 7 always ranks last, so there’s no need to put them on the list!” 

This conclusion was widely accepted, and everyone continued to look at the rankings

Just when they thought the situation was true as they speculated, a name appeared on the screen

No. 49, Class 7, Sun Miller.” 

The crowd erupted in astonishment

Oh my gosh! Sun’s exgirlfriend Mia is only ranked 67th this time? How did he perform so well?” 

Is Hedy’s teaching really that effective?” 

That’s impossible, Hedy used to perform worse than Sun!” 



Chapter 15 The Rankings 

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Then what’s the reason for his remarkable improvement in this exam?” 

Everyone was puzzled

Little did they know, this was just the beginning of their confusion

The screen continued to scroll, and one name after another from Class 7 appeared in the rankings

No. 42, Class 7” 

No. 40, Class 7” 

No. 18, Class 7” 

No. 12, Class 7” 

When the names of Class 7 students appeared among the top ten, everyone was completely dumbfounded

How could Class 7 achieve ch outstanding results in just fifteen days

No. 6, Class 1, Jayden” 

At this point, the large screen changed to a more striking color because the next rankings to be announced were the top five

Everyone held their breath

Someone whispered

We havenot seen Hedy’s name yet, right?” 

Except for Hedy, the rankings of the other Class 7 students had been revealed



Chapter 15 The Rankings 

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Hedy was a key figure in the ongoing rivalry between Class 7 and Class 1, and it was hard for everyone to ignore her

Is Hedy fifth?” 

screen scrolled, “No. 5, Class 1, xxx.”

Or maybe fourth?” 

4, Class 1,

She’s third?” 

Class 1, Oliver Johnson.”

to Gloria Rossi!” One of Gloria’s loyal fans


1, Gloria Rossi.‘

the font on the

1, Class 7, Hedy Ellis!”

the rankings of each class’s average scores were also

place: Class 7!

In an instant.. 

audience fell into

leaf hitting the ground seemed piercingly



15 The Rankings

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face turned pale, Mia trembled all over, and Jayden covered his

while students from other classes had their mouths

to them, the Class 7 students remained relatively calm.

already anticipated this outcome.

closer inspection, one would notice that they were not as composed as they appeared.

hands clenched tightly, and they slowly released the pent–up resentment they

achievements, they proved that they were

up for Godde Hedy

Apologize!” Sun shouted with

was sealed, and it was time to settle

Quit! Apologize!” 

echoed in unison,

want to admit defeat had

was the first to accept the reality. He walked up to Hedy, bowing and speaking



The Rankings

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bow and apologize to every Class 7 student.

suit; they were eager to quickly finish their apologies and leave this

finally approached Hedy to apologize. She did so half–heartedly, saying,

It’s your honor.” 

since the announcement

Because your


jerked up.

she hurled at Sun back

for a whole month to save money and buy you a birthday gift, yet you played with the heart of this boy who sincerely cared for

lower lip and covered her face as she ran

get my back!” Sun, the tough guy, burst

truly adored Goddess Hedy!


Hedy replied, turning her face away.

principal’s office and



The Rankings

288 (Vouchers 

keep your


7 jumped up

Student Union Office

heaving with anger. The once

Hedy get better grades than

was just a vacation. How could Hedy

left, someone went to the surveillance room and reviewed the footage. It was confirmed that Gloria had indeed appeared


distracted and didn’t notice

action was under scrutiny by the public. This incident spread widely

the campus beauty ranking

surging into the

a deep breath

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