Chapter 14 Hedy VS Gloria 

Hedy’s remark sent Jayden and Mia into a panic

The entire school knew about Hedy’s brutal beating of Lisa and her child. Ordinary people couldn’t bear her beating… 

Hedy, is violence all you can resort to?” 

A soft and gentle voice echoed through the air, capturing everyone’s attention. It was Gloria, descending from the second floor of the library

She held worldrenowned classics in her arms, dressed in a snow- white highend designer dress, with her long hair softly curled and cascading over her shoulders. She exuded an elegant and graceful 


The crowd around them immediately grew restless

Gloria Rossi! Ohthis is the closest I’ve ever been to a goddess!” 

She’s walking towards Hedy!” 

Speaking of which, aren’t these two love rivals? They both like Oliver!” 

This is going to be interesting!” 

Gloria stopped in front of Hedy, her beautiful face now bearing a touch of authority. As the president of the Student Union, I have the right to take disciplinary action against you if you lay hands on Jayden and Mia.” 



Chymystens 14 +edy VS Eesti 

Her words sounded just and proper, but there was an ulterior motive behind them

Hedy’s recent fame at Lowell High School was skyrocketing

Many people were even speculating about who was more suitable for Oliver between Hedy and Gloria, and whether Oliver would reconsider his choices

Now, she would show the world who, between her and Hedy, was truly superior

When Jayden wanted to take the seats, why didn’t I see you flexing your authority?” 

Hedy calmly retorted, her lowered eyelashes concealing the anger in her eyes

I only saw you picking a fight, but I didn’t see Jayden trying to take your seats,Gloria was lying

This corner of the library was a blind spot, and except for the parties involved, no one knew exactly what had happened earlier

In this situation, based on the reputation she had accumulated, whatever Gloria said would be taken as the truth

The students unquestionably believed in Gloria

As the students around heard that Hedy wanted to fight in the library and falsely accused others, the looks in their eyes turned hostile

When Hedy beat Lisa and Jack, it was considered selfdefense, and no one had any objections

But now, wanting to fight Jayden and Mia at the slightest provocation and even resorting to lying and deception, wasn’t that inappropriate





saw me picking

stairs since 13:17:38? Do

exposed Gloria’s hypocrisy, a glint of coldness flashing in her eyes.

extremely sensitive to changes in her surroundings,

entrances, the clock on the wall, and the nearby students were all within her

Jayden and Mia arrived, Gloria was already standing on the stairs, and she knew clearly what had happened just now.

she wanted to make things difficult

capable of handling

Gloria’s smile froze

she was

even down to the exact

room with you and expose Hedy with the facts!”


Gloria didn’t dare to go to the surveillance room. If she




14 Hedy V

remained in her spot, her

could tell something from Gloria’s silence

try to provoke me, Gloria, or you’ll end up like Lisa and Jack!” Hedy warned in a

to complete her mission

someone foolish enough came looking for trouble in

mind granting their wish!

and stood in front of

things difficult for Gloria because of me. If

that he preferred

don’t think too highly of yourself!” Hedy’s gaze toward Oliver

her, just tell her to back off and stay

the library

He said, “In this upcoming exam, Class 7 will surpass Class 1. Just

Sun said to Gloria



Hedy, or Class 7 won’t let

thought highly of

offended Goddess Hedy, he would teach her a lesson even though she was a popular girl!

fleeting trace of malice flashing

departing figure, feeling upset

to him

library returned to

beauty ranking,

were surprised and asked, “Aren’t you a fan of Gloria?

said. “Well, it’s just that suddenly I feel like Gloria isn’t as perfect as I thought. On the other

passed in the

exams arrived as

solemn, as if it were the college entrance





14 Ply V

involved, they also had the desire to win. Everyone wanted to prove themselves in this

collectively slandering Hedy. Their punishment had ended, and they

exam room, the students from Class 7 gathered together, their hands stacked on top of each other, giving

Hedy, for Mr. Evan!” Sun shouted the slogan and looked at Hedy not far away.

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