Chapter 13 He Likes Both Versions of Hedy 

As Hedy’s words fell, an awkward atmosphere engulfed the room

Um, well” 

Sun tugged at his hair, struggling to find the right words. Goddess Hedy, have you forgotten that you scored lower than me in the last exam?” 

Although they weren’t on par with Class 1, they had received elite education since childhood, giving them a significant head start compared to Hedy, who came from the countryside

Therefore, Hedy’s statement was quite awkward.. 

Mr. Evan was left speechless, feeling like the kids had gone mad in their desire to surpass Class 1

But in the next moment, Mr. Evan’s expression changed

He saw Hedy walk up to the podium, pick up his textbook, and start teaching the content from page thirty

Her approach was different from his. Hedy’s perspective was sharp, condensing what he would teach in one class into a tenminute presentation

What was even more remarkable was that she didn’t use complicated vocabulary. Instead, she took a gradual and magical approach with her words

The students were initially puzzled, but as they listened attentively and followed along, they unknowingly entered a state of focused learning



Chapter 13 He Likes in versions of Petty 

Mr. Evan had never seen the students in Class 7 behave so well The girl standing on the podium seemed more like a teacher than he did

How was it possible, considering her previous poor academic performance

Mr. Evan couldn’t figure it out, and couldn’t continue thinking about it

His thoughts were captivated by Hedy, and like the students, he too became engrossed in her lecture

Time ticked away

The bell rang

Startled by the dismissal bell, the students, who had been immersed in the ocean of knowledge, snapped back to reality

They looked at each other, their faces displaying expressions of astonishment

Goddess Hedy not only taught the class but covered the content of three classes in a single session, and the key point was that they all understood it

The knowledge and theories that were once incomprehensible were now imprinted clearly in their minds, like the protagonist in a martial arts story who had his meridians opened by a master

It felt so great

Take a ten-minute break. In the next class, we’ll cover physics, followed by history in the class after, and chemistry for the final class,Hedy’s tone remained as calm as ever

Mr. Evan was stunned




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Yes, Goddess Hedy!” 

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