Chapter 31 Public Attention and Media Interviews 

The next day, Hedy returned to school in a good mood. 

As soon as she got out of the car and walked a few steps, she heard an excited voice not far away, “Hedy is here!” 

Then the flashes continued to light up, and a group of reporters dropped their breakfast and rushed to Hedy with their cameras. 

“Hello, Hedy, I’m a reporter from San FranciscoFocus News, and I’d like to interview you about your thoughts after beating Master Jackson!” 

“I’m a special commentator for Peacock Netl. When did you start playing chess?” 

“I heard that you played against 19 chess players at the same time because you were in a hurry to go to work. Can you tell us where you work part-time?” 

Among them was a live streamer of a certain platform, “Did you guys see it? This is Hedy, the talented female chess player who first fought against 19 high school students and then the master of the Chess Association! Don’t you think she’s wonderful?!” 

In fact, in the current era of diversified entertainment methods, chess was not a popular thing. 

Most of the things in the circle were digested by the people in the circle and would not be spread outside. 

The name “Hedy” should have been widely circulated in the chess world. 

Public Attention and Media Interview1 


In this situation, it could only be said that Hedy’s win was too exaggerated. 

The two headlines “Iv19 complete victory” and “Female high school student successfully challenged the Chess Association Grandmaster” were shocking to the outside world. 

This “unbelievable victory” had attracted the attention of the public. 

“Hey, what are you doing? Go away!” The security guards of Lowell High School were mobilized collectively to drive the reporters away and make way for Hedy. 

Even though security guards were blocking them, the reporters still asked questions tirelessly and were very enthusiastic. 

Hedy didn’t say a word the whole time and walked into the school gate under the escort of security guards. 

“Hedy, are you scared?” A security guard asked worriedly with a hint of admiration in his tone. 

The whole school, from the leaders to the cleaners, all knew about Hedy’s efforts to turn the tide in the interschool chess tournament yesterday! 

“No,” Hedy replied lightly as she turned into the grove and walked towards Class 7. 

How could this scene scare her? 

To her surprise, students from Class 7 greeted her at the door of the teaching building. 

Seeing that she was coming from the direction of the gate, Sun frowned: 

Public Attention and Media


ask you some weird questions, right?” As the child of a

of people dared to talk about anything and ask any questions.

would even deliberately edit the answers to mislead the outside world’s perception.

guards stopped them for

nodded and pouted aggrievedly. “Hedy, why are you ignoring me? I sent you a message ten minutes ago to tell you that reporters

special call, but you didn’t answer…”

all had Hedy’s

had to start before the monthly

too much knowledge, so she had written her contact information on the blackboard and asked the students to write it down.

understand after school, they could ask her, and she would answer when she saw it.

done as she said and patiently

was one of the reasons why Class 7

hear my phone ring.”



phone was broken. She took out her phone and

phone was very slow, and it took her four or five seconds to successfully unlock it.

and others were

long time ago, but Hedy said that the

used, so


Sun saw a very special software APP icon on Hedy’s phone.

a black

play Call of Duty?” Sun’s eyes

Duty was the top masterpiece among shooting


content of the game

special forces to get on the plane. The plane crossed a map, and the

and ammunition on the ground and fought to the death with other players


on the computer and mobile

Attention and Media Interviews

181 Vouchers 

players with well-configured mobile phones would also

GamingAPP…” Sun’s eyes

was a special profession that emerged with the popularity of games in recent years.

lonely playing games without company? Choose escort play. Once the money was paid, someone

games. Choose escort play. Once the money

play. ‘Once the money was paid, handsome

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