Chapter 29 She Made Her Name in the Game! 

The staff hurriedly cleaned up the chess arena, leaving only one table on it, and arranged the chess pieces. 

Hedy and Jackson, from the left and the right, entered the stage opposite each other. 

The reporters frantically captured this scene. 

The audience was also flushed with excitement. 

Jackson sat in front of the chessboard and sighed, “When I play chess with kids, I often go easy on them to give them a little confidence. But I will not do this to you because you are too confident. 

“When you’re overconfident, you might need someone to wake you up!” 

The moment Jackson sat down, his eyes became very serious. 

“Who do you think you are?” Hedy also sat down and said in a cold 


“I’m the one who is going to beat you!” Jackson moved a chess piece. 

Hedy fought back. 

Jackson made another move, and Hedy fought back again. 

In the blink of an eye, the flames of war ignited everywhere on the chessboard. Black and white intertwined, and life and death collided fiercely. 

The battle continued with the chess game. 

Charter 24 the Made Her Nan 

As this battle was going on, it was gradually showing highs and lows. 

The white army retreated steadily, and the black army took advantage of the victory to pursue. 

While engaging in the game of black and white, Jackson’s forehead was covered in sweat, and his commanding hand became more and more hesitant. 

Hedy’s calm face never changed. 

Reporters surrounded the two, taking photos from various angles. 

The shining spotlight reminded Jackson that the match would be made public. 

In the distance, there seemed to be people from the chess world broadcasting it live. 

he lost, the outside world would soon know about it.

itself was not scary, and everyone would lose occasionally. The scary thing was that the

that before the game, he had said that Hedy was too confident, and he

a slap in his face?!

you 200,000.” Jackson tried to lower his voice for

draw,” Hedy said slightly, and her volume was

was too

29 She Made Her Name in the Gamel



Hedy talking

“No draw”? Probably.” 

Mr. Jones’s

hear it wrong. He’s the head of the Chess Association. How could

world was about Jackson, the more he feared the backlash brought about

as you are willing to draw, I

draw. Are you deaf?!” Hedy’s eyes flashed a trace of impatience, and she raised

audience understood it clearly.

is saying

Jones asked for

his chin, “I feel like I have


Time had changed. 

had been pulled down from the

only be stronger

29 She Made Her Name in

same age, which made sense. But Hedy and

could Jackson

would be so strong enough to crush the master of the

that year was mentioned, Jackson panicked for no reason.

at the lost game and

sarcasm and contempt in her eyes directly hit his dignity, broke his defenses, and made him extremely ashamed. He slapped the table angrily, stood up, and

trembled, and a few


with an indifferent expression, without

with her slender and tender


She pronounced

black queen drew out her long sword, galloped on

cut him with a single

29 She Made Her Name in the

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