Chapter 27 She Played Chess with 19 players at the Same Time 

In the chess arena, the students from both sides sat down one by one. 

Gloria’s opponent was Vincent. 

Facing the mayor’s son, Gloria had a decent smile and a gentle voice, showing the demeanor of a rich young lady. 

She hoped to win the favor of the mayor’s son so that it would be more convenient for her to do things in the future. 

However, Vincent had no time to pay attention to Gloria. He looked at Hedy at the end of the line through the crowd, and he couldn’t help blushing again. 

She looked great in the maid outfit. 

Now she looked even better in her school uniform! 

Without the cuteness of the maid outfit, she was even more glamorous and aloof in the school uniform! 

Seeing this, Gloria gritted her teeth. 

What was so good about Hedy? Why was he watching Hedy?! 

The mayor’s son was probably blind. How could he ignore her, the real good girl?! 

Hedy’s opponent was Ellen. 

As soon as Ellen sat down, she snorted coldly, “Hedy, I won’t leave 


Chapter 27 She Played Chess with 19 players at the Same Time 

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halfway like your previous two opponents. Don’t cry and beg me to draw!” 

Hedy didn’t talk nonsense. She just moved a chess piece and pressed the chess clock. 

In the auditorium, a student was watching the game between Hedy and Ellen. 

Others nudged him and dissuaded him, “Are you stupid or something? What kind of suspense can there be between Hedy and Ellen? You should look at other people!” 

“You’re right.” 

Except for the students in Class 7, almost no one paid attention to the game between Hedy and Ellen because everyone knew that Hedy’s chess rank showed that she had not passed the test. 

She had won two games purely out of luck. 

In the finals, she met Ellen from the strongest LWHS. How could she compare with Ellen? 

She would certainly be the one who lost the game the fastest! 

Even the reporters authorized by several schools to be in charge of taking pictures and videotaping all pointed their cameras at the others, acquiescing that Hedy was out. 

Time passed slowly in the more anxious game. 

Students from the two schools fought fiercely on the chessboard, which was exciting and tense. 

Beads of sweat dripped from the forehead of Gloria, who carried the hopes of Lowell High School students. Not only did she not get the 

13 10% 

Chapter 27 She Played Che with 19 players at the Same Time 

advantage, but she was gradually at a disadvantage. 

She could feel that Vincent was always better than her. 

After all, the mentor of LWIS was Jackson, the strongest chess player in San Francisco. 

She took a deep breath, pushed down her “king” and said, “You win.” 

push one’s “king” down was to

she would lose even


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champion now. Congratulation… No, Hedy and Ellen are still playing!” The referee scanned the board and

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reporters rushed over, afraid of

in a standing posture, with a straight back, a calm

profusely. Her eyes were out of focus, and her lips were

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the king and said weakly, “I -surrender.”

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audience became excited, and those who were about to leave sat


Class 7 to cheer, “Hedy, you rock!”

loudspeaker, “Lowell High School, Hedy

a separate rule set up for the finals.

Played Chess with 19 players at the Same Time

| Vouchers 

was going to fight against all the people

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either win all or equalize the points, and then the mentors of

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shouldered the glory and victory of the entire Lowell High School.

score between Lowell High School and LWHS

19 games in a row to tie the

Gloria was dumbfounded. 

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