Chapter 26 The Game Begins! 

After introducing the rules, Kelly asked the mentors from eight schools. to draw lots. 

There were men and women in this group of mentors, and they were all of high age. Among them, the most well-dressed and refreshed one was Jackson. 

Ronin looked old on crutches, and his grey hair was scattered casually over his shoulders. 

At first glance, it was hard to imagine that these two were about the 

same age. 

Before reaching the draw box, Jackson walked towards Ronin and opened his arms generously with a warm attitude, “My old friend, long time no see. How are you doing recently?” 

The word “friend” stung Ronin, and the unbearable past flashed through his mind quickly. 

His face was livid. He walked over to Jackson on crutches and went to draw lots with shaking hands. 

He remembered that the mentor of LWHS was someone else. Why would Jackson appear here? 

Jackson sighed and said in an aggrieved tone, “Look at you, you’re still angry that I didn’t let you draw in the game, right? 

“Didn’t I explain it? That game was also very important to me. You couldn’t ask me to lose to you on purpose, right?” 

His voice was so loud that the audience could hear it. 

Those who didn’t know the inside story all thought that Ronin couldn’t 

beat Jackson in the game and selfishly wanted his good friend to sacrifice himself to have a draw with him. 

His best friend didn’t want to, so Ronin held a grudge against Jackson to this day. 

Everyone looked at Ronin with contempt and disdain. 

Mr. Jones doesn’t care about the past and calls your friend and hugs you, but you ignore him. You deserve a miserable life! 

In the LWHS student team, a boy raised his middle finger to the students of Lowell High School, which made Lowell High School unhappy. 

“Oh, forget it. Things can’t be forced.” Jackson sighed and went to draw lots. He said with a hidden sharpness in his eyes, “I didn’t expect that after so many years, the game between us will change from a chessboard to students. I really can’t wait to meet Lowell High School and see who wins and who loses!” 

The draw was over. 

Kelly announced the results. In the first round, Lowell High School and LWHS wouldn’t play against each other. 

Lowell High School vs. Jefferson High School. 

LWHS vs. Abraham Lincoln High School. 

The game started on the huge playground, and more than a hundred chess games were played at the same time. 

“Checkmate.” Some students quickly won and earned points. 


hard, scratching their heads, wondering what to do next.

School, Gloria scored the first point for the

was warm applause from the stands, which was inspiring.

of Lowell High School, and all the students of Lowell High School were watching the game, so their reaction

advantage of playing

home game

opponent was a cute round-faced girl.

first step, pressed the chess clock, and

round-faced girl smiled sweetly and was about to play chess when

picked up the phone, her expression changed drastically, “What? Potato chips are half-priced in the supermarket, and buy one get one free for Coke?

as she ran, “Mentor, I’ve got to go. We can’t win Lowell

with only one move, picked up the

wins and


Hedy was stunned. 

School students were

froze too.

girl said, Jefferson High School was no match for Lowell

Hedy, she wouldn’t be able to make any difference

High School lost. Lowell High School won, entering the

the next game, LWHS led by Vincent also defeated Abraham Lincoln High School at a very fast speed

were taught by Mr. Jones, and

chess arena and passed by Gloria,

luck! But what are you going to do in the next round?”

first round would make Hedy

and Hedy scored one point without doing anything, and won the

couldn’t always be so lucky, could

Hedy stopped,


The Game Begins!

her eye, “Or, you want me.

she would not allow Gloria to pick on her again

“I’ll see how

High School and LWHS


San Francisco Waldorf High School.

round of competition was a little more exciting than the

took Gloria seven minutes to beat her opponent and score the first point

In the auditorium,

was a dimpled boy.

dimpled boy took a move first and pressed the chess clock, “Please.”

the chess piece and was about to press the chess clock when the dimpled boy’s cell phone

expression changed drastically, “What? Our old sow has

the playground, apologizing as he ran, “Mentor, I’ve got to


26 The

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