Chapter 24 Wouldn’t It Be Too Much for Hedy to Bow to Gloria? 

Ellen was stunned for a moment. She got angry and followed Hedy, trying to pick on Hedy, “Who do you think you are to talk to me with such an attitude? Believe it or not, I’ll…” 

“Stop it!” Vincent grabbed Ellen and shouted in a low voice, “When you opened your wallet, the bank card fell on the ground by itself. No one took it!” 

“What?” Ellen lowered her head. Sure enough, she saw a bank card on the ground. 

She leaned over to pick up the bank card and looked up, aggrieved and weeping, 

“Vincent, this woman threatened me and said she would send me to jail…” 

Vincent turned a blind eye, came to Hedy, and thanked earnestly, Thank you for helping us get the wallet back. I apologize for her rudeness.” 

“The total consumption is 137 dollars. Credit card or cash?” Hedy handed the receipt to Vincent with a cold face. 

She had no intention of chatting with them. 

“Credit card…please.” Vincent took out his card with a blushing face. 

She didn’t seem to care about them. 

After getting closer, he found that she was more beautiful. 

Chapter 24 Wouldn’t It Be Too Much for Hedy to How to Gloria? 

259 Woucheri 

“Thanks.” After finishing the cash register, Hedy continued with her job. 

Ellen was pointed at by those around her. 

They all thought that as the daughter of the deputy mayor, she was very impolite. 

“Vincent, let’s go, or the Chess Association will be closed!” Ellen didn’t want to stay with the critical onlookers any longer, so she hurriedly dragged Vincent away. 

As the sun set, the customers gradually left. 

Grace rubbed her waist tiredly and said with a satisfied smile on her face. “We’ve made a lot of money today!” 

Her smile was gone in three seconds, Ronin swayed into the dessert shop with a wine bottle in his hand on crutches. 

“It was a… draw!” Ronin muttered, falling headlong in front of Grace. 

“Dad!” Grace quickly helped her father to rest on the small bed in the cubicle. 

She skillfully prepared the hangover beverage and medicine. She was used to dealing with such situations. 

Draw!” the drunk Ronin shouted angrily, full of unwillingness and

up, and

came to the door of the cubicle, and her eyes

two sides of the chess game

Wouldn’t Be Too Much for Hedy

228 Vouchers 

winning or losing. 

in a match, the players would

wipe. her tears and said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry.”

to him?” Hedy frowned

lips moved, but

that she couldn’t tell outsiders. But after holding

in a low voice, “It’s his obsession after the competition in the

because of a fight?” Hedy blinked, thinking of the past about

his wife cheated on his former friend and

a double betrayal, and it was understandable to beat

the fight, my dad was ridiculed and looked down upon in the Chess Association. The major educational institutions that had rushed to let him give lectures were all

conditions at home took a turn for the worse. I was hospitalized with

time, the Chess Association’s

Too Much for Hindy to How to Glona

281 (Vouchers 

my surgery, so my dad immediately

calling him.

hated the most, his former best friend who had stolen his wife and deliberately pissed him off at the game Jackson

was one of the most promising candidates

his unshaven beard and shabby clothes, sat


me, so he didn’t have as much time to practice chess as before,

about to lose, he begged Jackson to make a

could play in the next round,

“But Jackson refused. 

how much my dad begged, he just would not

next day, the headline in the newspaper was very eye-catching, “The humble pleadings of

had betrayed my dad because he was too incompetent and he

Wouldn’t It Be Too Much

burst into tears again, “This game was the last straw for my dad. If the former principal of Lowell High School hadn’t extended

the president of the Chess Association. As long as my dad doesn’t stop playing chess, he will think of

stay away from everything

dream and said in a calm tone, “He and Jackson will soon

Ellen were students

the scope of this Interschool Chess Tournament.

revealed at the shop that Vincent’s mayor father had personally invited Chess Master Jackson to become LWHS’s new chess

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