Chapter 36 Encounter with a Pro Gamer

The four letters Hedytruly captured the attention of the three of them

It was because there was also someone named Hedy at Lowell High School

Could it be the bumpkin Goddess Hedyfrom Class 7?Boy B’s lips curled disdainfully

He had been displeased with Hedy for a long time as he was a diehard fan of Gloria

Just click it and we’ll find out,urged Boy A. 

Right under Gloria’s nose, the two of them clicked open this article

Here was what it said

During a live stream on Bigo Live last night, the popular male streamer, Ace, teamed up with a female gaming partner in BiTu Gaming

Her BiTu Gaming username was: Hedy

Her ingame nickname was: Coldblooded Childe

Throughout the live stream, this Coldblooded Childeachieved an impressive average of 20 kills per game and led Ace to victory multiple times

Meanwhile, the report center received numerous reports accusing her of cheating in the game

As a result, the staff worked overtime and finally verified that Hedy did not cheat in the game

This blew everyone’s minds

How could a female player be this skilled

Word had it that Hedy was also in the running for the BiTu Gaming’s Best Female Gaming Partneraward

If she won, she would even show up at the carnival

And that concluded the article

Well, it’s not that girl from Class 7,Boy B stated with conviction

She can’t be that versatile. How can she excel in studying, playing the drums, playing chess, and being so good at gaming

I even doubt if she can play Call of Duty.” 

Gloria also relaxed

Boy A pondered, Getting 20 kills per game and catching the attention of the game developer, I bet she’s the top candidate for Best Female Gaming Partner.” 

I don’t know,Gloria replied in a gentle voice, a glimmer of light flickering in her eyes

Based on what she knew, Sunny was already the confirmed choice for BiTu Gaming’s Best Female Gaming Partner.” 

This Coldblooded Childe Hedy couldn’t possibly appear alongside her at the carnival

Although this Hedywas not the same as the other Hedy,it still 

brought her some consolation

“Hedy” should be a loser.

Class 7

her phone screen, putting it on silent mode, with a calm look on her beautiful face.

of buzzing, Hedy’s BiTu Gaming backstage was flooded with orders.

pouring in, indicating her

picks, while Sunny, sitting at the top, had a whopping 70,000.

Hedy, you still up for gaming with my

gunning for the Best Female Gaming Partner title, why not team up with

boost his popularity with all the hype around you. It’s

was indeed one sharp

had managed to stand out among numerous streamers and become a popular influencer by

Okay.Hedy nodded

Hedy for a ranked match in

were only the two

tonight? I just wanna chill and win without breaking

at his live stream’s

climbed up to fourth place in his section, one notch higher than yesterday.

viewers had flocked to witness Hedy’s skill.

voice remained

unleashed a massacre, performing even better than the previous

snarky remarks

couldn’t accept that.

up with her pace and follow her lead. But you guys, no chance in hell you

“Indeed” bullet comments

they acknowledged Hedy’s

Hedy probably couldn’t even catch a

harmonious “indeed” comments,

is a girl? Seriously?”

you mean Hedy isn’t a

his younger brother

speaks with a mic means she’s a

a female gaming partner got exposed for being a guy using a voice changer?”

viewers and let their live–in boyfriends do

girl gamer

started to

invitation so you can show your face on the live

serious as he immediately thought of a

responded calmly through the mic.

on the screen in the live stream.

and the

entire face, bearing a resemblance to Sun.

on the other hand, revealed her hands on the keyboard, proving that she was personally playing and not

couldn’t see anything

frame, Hedy wore a pink rabbit–themed pajama, her slender hands

girl? Now you see it. Just pick her and

for Hedy, doing it so subtly

reminder, even those who didn’t doubt Hedy started

The game continued

they even started killing, a scrolling message appeared in the top right

an AK–47

used a Desert Eagle and scored a headshot

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