Chapter 35 She Attracted the Attention of Game Officials 

This scene made the audience in the live streaming room gloat. 

“Three teams, and now there are four teams and sixteen people in total. The main city usually doesn’t see so many people, right?” 

“Cleverness may overreach itself.” 

“The live streamer is so miserable. He will be killed once he lands.” 

“We can hear the cry of the escort girls when they die. Great!” 

“Everyone, skydive with me. Don’t stay far away.” Ace’s tone became 


The script was scrapped and the aim now was to get out of the suburbs alive. 

“OK, it’s easy to cooperate in a group.” Sunny’s voice seemed very calm. But if one listened carefully, he would find her a little nervous. 

“I’m here. It’s scary. Help!” Betty hurried to Ace’s side. 

“1, 2, 3…isn’t there another person?” Ace counted them and found that Hedy was missing. 

When he looked up, he saw that Hedy landed on the other side, deep into the enemy group. 

The bullet screen wrote, “It’s over. Hedy is going to die.” 

Before this line of words disappeared from the live streaming room yet, messages scrolled in the upper right corner of the game. 

Chapter 35 She Attracted the Attention of Game Officials 

“Cold-blooded Childe used an M4A1 and killed ‘Love you a little too much’.” 

“Cold-blooded Childe’ uses an M4A1 to kill ‘Overreliance on you”.” 

The bullet screens surged, “Awesome!” 

“She’s good.” Ace said in surprise. 

Hedy killed two people as soon as she landed. She was doing great! 

“This girl picked up a gun? She’s so lucky.” Sunny sounded envious, and described Hedy’s strength as “luck”. 

This did not make people feel wrong. 

Some players picked up guns as soon as they landed while others. players might not even have a suitable weapon after searching several 


At this time, even if the player with a gun was a rookie, he could kill a master without a gun. 

“Hedy, you hide first. I’ll come and rescue you right away.” Ace ran towards Hedy. 

She was his cousin’s student and idol, so he should take care of her 


“Do you all like to let female players hide?” Hedy spoke on the mic in a different voice. 

said this

seemed that female players were weak and needed


35 Cha Atracted the Attention of Game

There were intense gunshots all around, so Ace couldn’t

he didn’t hear it.

corner of the game, the screen was all about

Childe’ shot ‘I’m just a passerby’ in the

the M4A1 to kill ‘I’m just

used Desert

Childe’ used a grenade to blow

Hedy’s kill information.

all the enemies in the

calmly, “Come out and collect the

out to collect

hadn’t lied to him.

a better female player

was completely

told as long as the audience in the live streaming room was

bullet screens got

“Hedy is awesome!” 

She Attracted the Attention

288 Woucher) 

so many people can’t be simply about luck.”

be the most

the bigshot who will appear in the finale!”

nickname ‘Hedy’? I want to order

Female Escort Player”.

Hedy’s pick value increased by more than 500 votes, making her

Family villa, the notification tone on Hedy’s phone kept. ringing, and she took the time to

was just

started to talk about it tomorrow, the number of her votes would usher in a

first game, Hedy led the team to victory

second game, Hedy led the

victory with 28 kills. A quarter of the players in the whole game died in

for me, Hedy!” When she killed someone, Ace drove behind her.

was moving too fast

picking up guns, killing people, collecting

Attra ked

killing again, collecting spoils again, and

were forced to fight and

was directly looking for someone to kill.

she could finish killing people and end

only thought about how to have a bloody battle with Hedy and

to bed, Hedy turned off the computer, and Ace was ready

experience could only be described as “exciting”.

of the audience in the live streaming room could also be described

ordering Hedy again tomorrow?”

feels better than watching Hollywood blockbusters!”

escort player in BiTu Gaming, and

to her, Sunny is nothing…”

agreed with

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