“If we get hitched, you gotta quit your job and stay home. Take care of me, and pop out a healthy baby boy within a year!! don’t want a girl, cause girls need more parenting!” 

The man said with a smug grin

Ellinor Mendoza looked at her blind date, a balding, chubby man in his forties

Her stepmother, Tracy, must have wanted her to settle for a less desirable man, hence the pressure to meet this unsuitable 


The middleaged man had initially criticized Ellinor’s makeup, but seeing her slim figure and decent demeanor, he figured she was quite the catch

He then asked, “How tall are you?” 

Ellinor, bored stiff, stirred her coffee nonchalantly and replied softly, 56.” 

The middleaged man seemed pleased. Hmm, your height is just about right for me. I’m about 57. You might need to stand on your toes when we kiss. But no worries, I can bend down a bit for you!” 

Ellinor’s eyelid twitched slightly. Sir, I think you might be misunderstood. A man who needs a woman to stand on her toes to kiss him should be somewhat taller than you.” 

The middleaged man frowned, displeased. What do you mean?” 

Just then, a tall and imposing man walked into the coffee shop, radiating a strong aura

Ellinor glanced up and noticed the man. She got up and walked over to him

Excuse me, handsome. Could you come over here for a second?” 

The magnificent man’s gaze turned cold. Before he could decline, Ellinor grabbed his tie, stood on her toes, and planted a precise kiss on his lips

See? You should at least be as tall as him to deserve a woman standing on her toes for a kiss.” 


embarrassed and angry, pointing

matchmaker about this and ruin your reputation. You can forget

exactly what she

middle–aged man stormed off angrily, Ellinor waved at the tall

your help, sir! If fate allows, we’ll

leave, but her wrist was suddenly gripped by a cold, strong hand!


and you think you can just

a handsome face suddenly appearing in her line

face was stunning!

sharp, and his expression was calm. He gave the impression he could

any situation

also a

tallest man nearby to kiss, I didn’t pay

are you going to do?”

something. Just then, a man in a black suit standing next to

flight has been forced to return due to bad weather. She can’t make it back today, and your engagement

This engagement party was a matter of life

nearing thirty. Recently, his grandfather had a heart attack. due to the stress and needed a heart transplant. However, he had made a strict declaration that he would only agree to the operation

to appease his

was still gripped tightly by the man, said impatiently, “Hey? Sir, is there anything else? If not, could

at Ellinor intensely, curiosity filling his eyes. He suddenly chuckled, “Since this lady came

taken aback, his eyes filled with disgust

dressed like a troublemaker. How was this woman

isn’t this lady a


any further.

wrong and asked warily, “What do you mean by “Her?” Sir, what are you planning to

at her arrogantly and

to be committed to me!”

face was filled with

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