The legendary warrior

Chapter 1256 Fighting Beast

Once the disciples of all the forces had entered the rift, the saints sat down in wait for them.

It was going to be a year before those disciples came out. However, the Grey Wind Land was a magical place.

Everything that happened in the ancient battlefield would be projected in the sky and visible outside.

After passing through the rift, Ricky, Mordechai, Ashley, and Hayes landed on an area covered with the bloody evil power.

So powerful and widespread was the bloody evil power that it penetrated the four of them the instant they arrived. They could feel it clouding their senses and knew that ordinary warriors could not survive it.

Besides, they also sensed another type of power apart from the evil power.

It was not dense, but it filled the air completely.

It rushed through their bodies, as if trying to tear them to pieces.

Apart from that, the four of them realized that this mysterious power could arouse their own fighting spirit.

"Can you feel this power trying to arouse our fighting spirit?" Ricky asked his companions as he gathered his strength to remove the mysterious power from his body.

"I can feel it, all right." Mordechai nodded.

"It's the power of fighting, or you can call it the fighting power. It is floating all over this battlefield," Hayes explained.

"What?" Ricky and Mordechai exclaimed simultaneously. They exchanged confused glances and turned towards Hayes. "How is that power formed? Through fighting energy?" Ricky asked.

"Mmm. Yes and no. You are only half right. Technically, the power of fighting is a combination of the fighting energy and willpower. The willpower at use here was formed by the fighting spirit of those warriors who died in here,"

Hayes explained.

"Now it makes more sense. This area is filled with the willpower of ancient warriors, which is filling our minds and arousing our fighting spirit," Ricky said. "I guess the power of fighting can only be formed in battlefields such as this one."

It exists only in huge and ancient battlefields. I've never heard of its existence in other places. It

energy is created

and Mordechai responded

strong bloody evil energy here. Although there is a lot of pure fighting energy here, we

can devour a certain amount of the evil power and turn it into my own

You have the Devouring Mutant on your side.

in her care. Then she began to use

priority was searching for the Territory Seals. The survival of the Five-element Sect depended on the collection of four of these seals. That was why they had been sent here along with disciples from the

I am certain it's not going to be too much of a challenge to finish our tasks," Hayes said. "If the disciples of each branch get their hands on one of these seals,

far and wide but found nothing. Worse still, they were now lost

higher every second and if they didn't try to suppress it, it would burst out from their

powerful force sending their fighting spirits into an uproar

they were busy looking around, they suddenly saw all the bloody evil power and the fighting power around them fly into the distance. It looked like their destinations were

you sense that

by," Hayes said excitedly. "I hadn't expected that we

that is the pure fighting energy,"

the bloody evil

made out of the bloody evil

in that water. Since direct contact with this water could harm them, they quickly gathered

as I got here, it tried to invade my Soul Sea," Ricky exclaimed. "But the

a halt in the center of the

vortex, a dazzling


a gigantic tiger jumped out of

was not made of flesh and blood. Instead, flashes of reddish yellow and blood dark would take turns and appear on

not pose

that something was wrong. Somehow, they

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