The legendary warrior

Chapter 1257 Comprehend Something

Everything happened so quickly that Hayes had no time to react. His eyes widened in shock as he desperately tried to process what just happened.

The tiger was undoubtedly as powerful as a three-star lower spiritual emperor at the peak state, and Hayes' strength was at that level too. He had unleashed his most powerful attack on the tiger, but the beast shattered his attack like it was nothing. Neither he nor his companions had expected that it could actually use the bloody evil power inside the water.

Fortunately, Hayes was an experienced fighter. So even though the tiger took him by surprise, he quickly came back to his senses. He stepped back in one quick movement and successfully dodged its attack.

"It looks like he is having a hard time taking the beast down because it's using the bloody evil power in the water to its advantage," Ricky muttered lowly. "That means the tiger is more powerful than an ordinary three-star lower spiritual emperor at peak state."

Despite knowing how strong the tiger was, Ricky, Mordechai, and Ashley didn't make a move to help Hayes. That was because the tiger was still weaker than Hayes, no matter how strong it was.

Once Hayes had steadied himself, he began to transform. Wisps of white energy gushed out from his body, as his pupils turned as pale as the moon. What was more, a white shadow emerged behind him.

At this point, he looked like an angel of justice.

"Well, it looks like you did well. Hayes indeed has a talent for using the Justice Skill. He has even mastered ten percent of the Holy Three-Saber's justice heritage," the Dragon Intent Grass uttered as it looked at Hayes with admiration.

Meanwhile, Ricky, Mordechai, and Ashley were also studying his movements intently.

They saw countless floating sabers surround Hayes like a shield as he unleashed an ungodly amount of justice power.

These sabers were Ultimate Justice Sabers.

Meanwhile, the tiger failed to hit its target but it heedlessly moved forward. Perhaps, it had sensed the increase in Hayes' power, so it flapped its wings hard and gathered all the bloody evil power from the water it could.

With a fearsome roar, the water transformed into tiger shadows in a split-second. These shadows held enormous bloody evil power, which made them so powerful that they could probably tear the space with just the tip of their claws. As one, all the tiger shadows lunged toward Hayes.

Hayes stood firm in the face of this attack, and he let fly two of his sabers into the air.

His weapons darted forward and moved around in circles as if an invisible force was keeping them tethered.

In no time at all, a circular justice power emerged from the water. The two sabers converged amid the justice power and fused into a single, larger saber.

in one area as if attracted by an unseen force. The shadows then appeared to

newly formed larger saber ran the force through, shattering it to minute sand-like pieces until it finally

the enemy's attack so that he could break it in one strike. I have to admit that the justice power suits Hayes very well. It feels like

better than you in this aspect," the Dragon Intent

finally found a successor

the tiger saw that its attack had failed, it

formed by the pure

it growled, the reddish-yellow part of its body turned into a blood dark color. It seemed like it had become one with the water made of bloody

with its color change, the tiger's strength

bloody evil power surrounded its

to appear. It turned into fiendish power, which was one of the most potent

this can create fiendish power with the bloody evil power," the Dragon Intent Grass asserted. "The pure fighting energy formed by the strength and

the bloody evil power, a gleam involuntarily flashed through

off with the

course, Ricky immediately realized what was going

that it must have had something to do with

he began to check

That bloody evil power must be from hell,

power could only be

that moment, Ricky abruptly

Thus, it consists of bloody evil power. Furthermore, bloody evil power can evolve into fiendish power. That power has always been inside my body, but I have never noticed it before. It was only awakened after the tiger used the bloody evil

he thought to himself.

activated the Devouring Mutant and sat

next breath, the Devourer Zone materialized behind

surprised when they saw Ricky abruptly enter the

caught sight of his Devouring Mutant, they,

same thing. It looks like he has learned something from this

heard this, she couldn't help but look

power had formed a huge claw in front of the tiger's forehead. The energy that the giant claw released spread as it

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