The legendary warrior

Chapter 1259 Slay Jeremy

Due to the power of Jeremy's mutant, his body suddenly transformed into grey-white meridians.

Upon seeing this, Ricky had felt that Jeremy's mutant exuded a force similar to the masculine power, but it was not the real masculine power.

Meanwhile, the space between Jeremy's eyebrows began to display a three-line mark.

"He has cultivated the Meridian Mutant at the third level!" Ashley exclaimed as she saw Jeremy's state.

Initially, Jeremy was known to have such an alarmingly powerful strength. But now that he had already burst out his mutant, dealing with him would be twice as difficult.

Ashley might have held a little grudge against Ricky, but she could not deny the worry that she felt for him. After all, they were in the same boat, as Jeremy was their common enemy.

"I can't believe it! He has the Grey Light blood power at the third level!" Ricky remarked as he gave Jeremy a serious look.

Of course, he would not come unprepared. Before coming here, he had already investigated the Luo Clan and tried to get as much information he needed about their blood power and mutant.

And this blood power of the Luo Clan was called the Grey Light blood power.

Both the masculine power and the Grey Light blood power belonged to the light power. Despite being a weaker version of its origin, the masculine power, the Grey Light blood power was considered to be a part of a powerful kind of light power. Given that any power related to the light power was superior to other powers, the Grey Light blood power was definitely something to fear.

Essentially, the Grey Light blood power of the Luo Clan could be divided into five levels.

In ascending order, they were the Grey Light blood power at the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth levels.

With that being said, the people of the Luo Clan were able to cultivate different mutants depending on their blood power's level.

Moreover, the mutants of the clan's members who possessed the Grey Light blood power at the fifth level was called the Meridian Mutant at the fifth level. In addition, this was described as the strongest among the five mutants of the Luo Clan.

Following this logic, Jeremy's Grey Light blood power was at the third level since he had the Meridian Mutant at the third level. It was said that his blood power was even stronger than most of his clansmen. As of the moment, no one from the Luo Clan had the Grey Light blood power at the fifth level. In fact, only some of its members had this kind of power at the third and fourth levels.

Considering that Jeremy had cultivated the Meridian Mutant at the third level, the Luo Clan and its senior members paid much attention to him.

"I see that you have cultivated the Meridian Mutant at the third level. Then I guess I would anger your clan if I take you out. Isn't that right?" Ricky said with a scheming smile.

doubt, Ricky's arrogance struck his nerve. In fact, this was the first time he had ever encountered such an obnoxious person who dared treat him this way. However, he saw no point in snapping back at

things worse for Ricky, Jeremy was planning

Devouring Mutant and Devouring Skill to its limit. Instantly, he was shot thirty feet

the Devourer Zone also appeared behind

after, the bloody evil power

fiendish power could be

possessed the fiendish power in such a short time!" Mordechai exclaimed

on the other hand, nodded his head because he thought that what Mordechai

Ashley could not completely describe how she felt, so she looked at

that moment, she was unable to say anything. Confusion shrouded her emotions as she started to doubt

was really a bad guy, then he would not have given us the Massacring Sand and the peculiar fire. On the other hand, if he was really a good person, I don't understand why

I really wronged him? So, does that mean that he did that just because he didn't trust us at that time?' Ashley started to doubt how

he was a talented warrior and a respectful hero of honor despite what he had done to her in the past. And besides, Ricky was the only person she knew

selection, her opinion


he turned into a myriad of grey-white meridians and filled the entire space. Not long after, they fused together, condensing into

these three thick meridians emitted scorching power, which was the light

meridians merged with Jeremy's power and turned into three beams of humongous finger-shaped light which was

Ricky roared. The minute he

air, causing the space around him to crack in immense force. His fiendish power

point, the Devourer Zone behind Ricky

the changes that happened in his Devourer Zone were not that horrible, to begin with. What was even more surprising was that the fiendish power managed to communicate with the water made of

enormous fiendish power began to emerge in the

for Ricky, he could potentially use all the fiendish power to

could, too, but it was just a small trick compared to what Ricky could do. After all,

course, all of this would

the fiendish power in this space? How can he do that?" Mordechai, Hayes, and Ashley exclaimed in

almost fell to the ground as they were in

the Luo Clan were shaken up by how the scene unfolded right in front

battlefield. Plus, even if he got here before

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