The legendary warrior

Chapter 1263 Forced To Retreated

"Wait. Let me get this straight. We didn't kill the eight Rotten Thorn Men?" Mordechai clarified with widened eyes.

"That's right. If we had really destroyed them, then the lights containing the death power wouldn't have shown up. Plus, if we didn't kill them, then we should not have heard their awful growls. As far as I know, we only destroyed their bodies, but not their entire beings.

They could easily rebuild their bodies using the materials that are scattered around the place.

Therefore, it won't take them long before they reappear," Ricky responded.

"So, do you think that the lights we saw are the core part of the Rotten Thorn Men? In that case, then we need to destroy these lights so we can take them down and they will not regenerate anymore," Hayes said as he looked at Ricky with eyes full of hope.

"I tried to attack the lights, but unfortunately, they remained unscathed," Mordechai suddenly chimed in.

"Or maybe, your power isn't just enough to cause damage to them. Once we break those Rotten Thorn Men' bodies, we should join forces to attack the light balls. In that way, I believe that we can destroy them once and for all," Ashley heavily suggested.

Meanwhile, ferocious roars echoed again. After rebuilding their bodies from the scraps of flesh and thorny plants from the area, the Rotten Thorn Men immediately dashed towards Ricky and attacked the four of them once more.

Surely, their strength had improved with their new bodies, but they obviously were no match for the strength of Ricky and his friends. After engaging in a grueling battle, Ricky's team had once again successfully destroyed the Rotten Thorn Men.

Just like the first time, after shattering the Rotten Thorn Men, eight balls of light carrying the death power emerged in front of them.

Without apprehension, Ricky's team performed their most powerful Omnipotent Skills to the best of their abilities. At that moment, Ricky used his Golden Spirit Eyes and fused his Omnipotent Skill with that of his companions.

However, their combined attacks silently vanished into the ball of light instantly. Moreover, they found that the light ball was completely unharmed.

On top of that, Ricky had also unleashed the chaotic power and the chromatic energy, but this only caused the light ball to wobble a little.

"Interesting. So, apparently, my chaotic power and chromatic energy could restrain the light slightly, but they can't destroy it. I wonder how we can work around this. It's frustrating!" Ricky said as he furrowed his brows.

"This is it. We failed again! Does this mean that our joint power is not strong enough to destroy the light? Or is it because it is unbreakable? Are we never going to be able to take the smelly Rotten Thorn Men down?" Hayes said with a red face that fumed with anger.

why don't we try to destroy it using the eternal power?"

That's not a bad thought. Let's just hope that the eternal power can finally destroy this pesky

and Mordechai's

that the eternal power was regarded as one of the strongest powers that one could hold, and one of the most difficult powers to cultivate. Based on how difficult it was to obtain the said power,

and Mordechai unleashed all of their eternal power, and the golden-purple light appeared in front

two blades, and the duo aimed their blades to

they had expected, the eternal power did

touched the light, it began to

didn't last long. A moment later, the light reverted to its normal state, absorbing the duo's

be affected by the eternal power. Despite this, the eternal power still was not able to destroy the light." Hayes scowled. "I guess that this ancient Land of Thorn reeks of not only powerful thorny plants but also death

the Heaven Illuminating Fire on it!" Ricky said with utmost determination. He

long after, he activated the Golden Spirit Eyes and integrated all his powers into them. Using the eyes, he transformed his powers into the power of the Heaven Illuminating Fire. At once, black

soon as the fire engulfed a small portion of the light, the light began to release a stronger

was shocked and dismayed at the same time. Ever since the day he had used this fire, this was the first and only

power inside the light strong enough to quench the Heaven Illuminating

as I know, the Heaven Illuminating Fire will never die out. And the only plausible explanation for this is that the death

the four of

appeared, and in the blink of an eye, the eight Rotten Thorn Men were once again up

Thorn Man got taller, and with improved strength

four of them had already sensed the overwhelming strength of the eight Rotten Thorn Men. In addition, they realized that with the current strength of their enemies, Ricky's

they become more powerful

eight Rotten Thorn Men growled and bounced in

of fighting, Ricky and his companions

Thorn Men, Ricky and his


other option. Let's enter the blood-colored light first," Ricky answered

the other six

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