The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 1 Special Discount King

Buybuy, a newly-merged e-commerce app striking the market previously captured by S-mall and DJCOM with special strategy, had stood out in this country with continues growing numbers of customers.

In a common ghetto located in BH City, Conrad Porter, an unemployed fresh college graduate, was now lying on the bed in a narrow rental shack. He fixed his eyes on his phone to try his best to earn a 100-yuan online cash bonus for the new users. After sending invitation to more than twenty users in his friend list, he finally managed to get the bonus.

Upon seeing the bonus earned, Conrad was exceedingly relaxed as he could finally afford the meals for tomorrow. As an unemployed one, he had already run out of his savings and now he had to live on all kinds of online lending apps. However, he still failed to earn enough money for the rental next month, which meant that he might probably be expelled.

However, he still had no mood to seek jobs but earned himself a living by hunting for discounts in all kinds of e-commerce apps.

Suddenly, a notice appeared on his phone, looking as colorful and weird as those street ads, 'The best e-commerce app ever, Buybuy Discount King App! Click here to join us!'

"What? Discount King App? What the hell is that? I haven't heard it before. Is it a mobile virus app?"

Conrad still doubted. But since he deemed himself penniless, he didn't think it would be a big deal even if someone hacked his phone. What was more, he thought it might be quite interesting to chat with those frauds. Then he clicked the download button immediately.

Soon, the download was finished less than a second. Conrad felt quite confused when seeing the outdated WIFI router. He couldn't even browse a video smoothly with the WLAN in this shack. Thus, he quite doubted if there was something wrong with the app.

Conrad still clicked on the app with doubt. And he typed in his ID as required.

King, Conrad Porter. Your personal information has

the notice and started to see if there was

Original Price: 40,000,000,

Price: 6,490,000, Discounted

hell? Discounted Price 99 yuan for a fucking Lamborghini sport car?!" Conrad robbed against his eyes and even made sure it was indeed 99 yuan only. He was so closed

a fraud. But everything seemed to

me try if I

that was an official app managed by Buybuy, he could definitely saw its ID for payee. If

'Buy' button to see if it was the official ID of Buybuy. However, he saw the notice of 'Purchase Succeeded' on his phone. Meanwhile, he also received a notice of paid of 99 yuan out of

dare you! I haven't confirmed yet! Give me back

instantly! He was struggling to seek for the complaint hotline. However, it was at this moment that

there lay a blue Lamborghini electronic key. It felt as heavy as a

Where did I get

was shocked by this incredible

he rushed forwards the window and looked down. He saw a real blue Lamborghini

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