"Hey, stop being so cocky!" Conrad refuted upon hearing her words. He was about to fight back.

At this moment, the landlady took an electronic key for BMW from her handbag. She held it in her hands and said, "Well, Mr. College Graduate, what's the use of studying in college for so many years? You can't even afford your rent! See? I just bought a BMW with the rent I got during these years. You know what? The best way to earn money is to get some houses and rent them all. I assume it will take you at least ten years to earn a BMW just like mine."

Conrad tried to suppress his mocking laughter at the thought of his own Lamborghini downstairs. He clapped histrionically, "Wow, ma'am, you are so awesome to have a BMW!"

"Of course, but don't call me ma'am! I am not that old." The landlady glanced at Conrad with her eyes put on false eyelashes. He actually looked quite attractive. She approached and said, "Boy, you actually look cute. Why not be my toy boy? Then you will be free from any rent and you can have my car to drive! You don't even need to struggle for money anymore!"

"What the fuck?!" Conrad was rendered stunned upon hearing that.

A toy boy? Hell no! He was willing to if it were a pretty girl who suggested so. But he would just say no without hesitation in front of this obese landlady with drooping boobs.

Conrad refused, "No way! Just keep the car for yourself. I have a much more expensive and luxurious one. Its value definitely overtakes your houses!"

The landlady was rendered furious as she was refused, "Bullshit! An unemployed college graduate like you can afford a car? Hell no! If you did have one, I allow you to be free from the rent in the coming three months!"

"Okay, since then, follow me! I will show you what a limousine looks like!"

door. The landlady followed him outside and was

downstairs and saw a convertible Lamborghini. The car was

This is my car! Perhaps it will take you at least 200 years to earn enough money to

"That's your car?"

landlady burst into laughter immediately, "There is even no roof on your car! No wonder you said you have a car. It turns out to be

speechless by her ignorance. The landlady even deemed a six million

immediately as she saw the Lamborghini, "Jesus! A Lamborghini? How could a luxurious sport car like that appear in our community! Who

this is a luxurious sport

lady then continued to explain, "This is a Lamborghini AventadorS and it's worth more than six million! I can't afford it even if I keep earning money for a lifetime! I don't know who owes it. But I wish

saying that, that lady's eyes seemed

doubted. She couldn't believe that her tenant owed such a car and she even

your promise! I said I will be free from any

key button to open the door as he had no mood to talk to the landlady. Since he just got a new car, he now fancied driving on


saw the fantastic panel, comfortable seat wrapped with leather. And it

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