The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 3 Bro Living Next Door

Conrad noticed that there this app contained all kinds of goods and products. But most of them were sold with normal price with mere discount. Once the purchase was done, the product would be delivered right beside him immediately.

But Conrad wanted those more valuable things such as the Lamborghini from which he could earn a lot of money instead of daily snacks or commodities.

Suddenly, he saw a discounted ad of the digital section on the app. He clicked on it to enter. Then he was totally stunned because of what he saw.

Mi 11 Ultimate Cellphone, Original Price: 5888, Discounted Price: 0.3!

Huawei MateX 256G, Original Price: 16888, Discounted Price: 0.88!

Iphone11 128G, Original Price: 8999, Discounted Price: 0.5!

ALIENWARE Gaming Laptop, Original Price: 43333, Discounted Price: 0.92!

There were dozens of products with incredible discount. Conrad clicked the 'Buy' button and purchased them all with a credit pay app.

But the weird thing was that all these products returned to their common prices after purchase. It seemed that they were all limited. Since Conrad had no idea if others had also used this app, he made up his mind to seize all chances.

car was stuffed with newly-wrapped digital products with invoices. Conrad

feels so awesome!" Conrad

MateX designed with a folding screen. He was really amazed by

to his shack. He cleared the table

heavy weight. He soon downloaded a popular game—PUBG. Obviously, the laptop ran

someone knocked the door, "Hey, Conrad! Are you

his neighbor next door, Coleman Stone. So he opened

went out. He sometimes worked as a hacker. And that was why he got the WLAN password of the landlady and

"What for?" Conrad asked.

here to see if there is something funny to play with

he suddenly noticed the shining ALIENWARE

front of the laptop as

"Holy shit!!!"

was almost rendered speechless by what he saw. He pointed

thing of all in the world.

expensive." Conrad replied casually. He was actually telling

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