The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 4 Buy All of Them

Conrad then took out a wrapped packet under his bed and handed it to Coleman, "This one is for you!"

"What the hell? A mobile workstation? Boss, no, you are my god! God Conrad! Are you going to take it back after a few days?" Coleman's heart kept beating fast upon seeing this laptop.

"I mean you can just keep it! Come on, we are best friends, right?" Conrad smiled.

Coleman unwrapped it and his face suddenly changed when seeing the laptop. He could tell from its configuration that it was worth more than 100,000 yuan. Suddenly, he had a bad feeling for this gift.

His face suddenly turned pale and took two steps back with hands covering his butt. He then stammered, "Conrad, you know! I am a straight guy. Not a gay!"

Conrad kicked his ass, "Fuck off, idiot! Do you think I am going to bang your ass? Come on, I give you this laptop because you are my friend! If you don't want it, just give it back to me!"

"I want it! I want it!" Coleman grabbed the laptop hard upon his chest, "Conrad, from now on, you are my big boss! Just ask me for what you want and I swear I will be loyal to you for a lifetime!"

"For a lifetime? You don't need to. Just do me a favor when I am in need."

Conrad was quite aware that Coleman was a talented hacker. So he deemed it quite a bargain to make Coleman be willing to work for him at the cost of only 1 yuan.

problem. I am going back to play with it!" Coleman soon got back to his room. Seeing him running out of the door in a

his phone to browse the app again to

but most of them were just merely discounted. Sometimes he would happen to see some new goods. And it

a day to meet an incredible discount would be at 12:00 AM or 0:00 PM, at which there could be randomly presented those goods with incredible discount. And that was how he got his Lamborghini and

meal, Conrad bought a bottle of coke on this app and he paid only 0.5 yuan

were largely discounted. And Conrad had purchased all goods below 90% off the market price. Now he was planning to spruce

Suit, Original Price: 36888, Discounted Price:

Vuitton Men's Tie, Original

Original Price:

every luxurious garment with large discount that he could see on

belonged to rich guys before. But now he was able to get them all at a cost

most of people, shopping online could also be a torture to their savings. But for Conrad, it

he lay on bed to play PC games to kill time.

was 11:59 PM, he quit the game and

However, it turned to be quite disappointing as he didn't see any largely-discounted goods. And the river-view villa he once wanted had mounted

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