The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 5 Centennial Ginseng

He fixed his eyes on Discount King. Suddenly, an idea popped out in his mind. At first, he thought he should just buy those valuable things with great discount on the app and sell them out. But it would be a better idea if he could perfectly meet other's need for specific stuff. And then he could just deliver the goods for the customer. That should be a better way to earn more.

Soon, he logged in the City Net for this city, where he could see both selling and purchase messages in this city.

The website was obviously a chaotic one overwhelmed with all kinds of messages from pets purchase needs to booty call. But that was not what he needed. He filtered the messages for purchase only and ranked them from high price to low price. Then he could clearly browse those with the highest award.

Suddenly, he noticed the one with highest award with 9999999 yuan, which reached the maximum price of award of the website.

Conrad was stunned and he immediately clicked to see its details.

It was a purchase message for a kind of rare medicinal materials, Centennial Ginseng.

'Purchase need for a Centennial Ginseng to cure urgent disease! Please contact us if you are available! Price Negotiable'

"Centennial Ginseng?" It was rare for Conrad to see such a message. Commonly speaking, people tended to cure disease in the hospital nowadays. He could only meet the words of 'Centennial Ginseng' in those fantasy fictions.

But he was also quite aware that some of those veteran doctors of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) would prescribe medication containing Centennial Ginseng. Besides, Centennial Ginseng was a traditional medication in the Ancient China.

below the message, there was a number for a lady named Ms. Austin, the tail of which was a nice

big deal. He started to browse and search for the Centennial

saw one with

Age: 150+ years, Intact,

with pictures. Commonly speaking, those natural ginsengs were slenderly-well-shaped with well-developed and

rubbed against his eyes to make sure he didn't see the wrong number—it was indeed

that much?!" As a layman, Conrad was totally stunned. He searched the market price of a Centennial Ginseng. Such a natural treasure had been rarer and rarer as the environment was highly damaged from day to day. The latest deal was concluded last year with the price of more than 11,000,000. And that Centennial Ginseng weighed 103 grams and aged 120 years. It was much more valuable than gold. So this one

"Awesome! That's it!"

to earn money. He clicked on the 'Buy' button and soon a delicate wooden box appeared in his hands, where there

it, he then

Ginseng. And I happen to have one." Conrad said as soon

it urgently! If you are from another city,

cold but sounded quite appealing. Conrad could

right now! You can tell me the address

your purpose and he will lead you to see me. But

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