The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 6 A Veteran Doctor

This lady was indeed Jennifer Austin. Conrad was stunned to see such a beauty. She looked even more attractive in person than on TV news.

She had a ravishing face with red lips, fair skin, white-snow-liked teeth and delicate eyebrows. She looked like a fairy princess with light makeup.

Jennifer was also stunned when seeing Conrad. She assumed he should be a snobbish businessman or a simple countryman. But it actually turned out to be a charming gentleman with nice suit, looking like a popular online shopping live streamer. But she didn't expect him to come to deliver the ginseng in person.

"Hello, I am Jennifer Austin. Do you have a Centennial Ginseng?" She looked at him curiously. Conrad did look attractive with luxurious suits. So she deemed him a gentleman from a rich family who engaged in medical materials industry.

"Yes, I have one." While speaking, Conrad presented her the wooden box.

As Jennifer opened it, she saw a ginseng with well-developed roots. It seemed quite similar to those natural ginsengs that she saw in pictures. But this one seemed to be bigger and heavier.

Since Jennifer had little knowledge of it, she knew a veteran doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), who was also the doctor in charge to cure her mother. So she called him here to inspect the ginseng.

Half an hour later, a hale and hearty old man with gray hairs and beards walked in. Suddenly, his nose lifted. He seemed to smell the unique scent of ginseng as he just came in.

"That must be a nice one!"

The old man couldn't help praising. As a veteran medical doctor, he could tell the quality of medicine just by its scent.

man with surprise. He could tell this doctor must be

inspect this ginseng and see if it's qualified to be

the box and seemed to be quite

doctors would do. Then he pinched a bit of the

expect to meet such a treasure at my age. It was only possible to meet one with the same quality in the

meet one today with a 150-year age. It had gone beyond her expectation. Such a ginseng would enable a better effect for medication. It was one of those rare and top Chinese medical

Conrad also exclaimed. He was quite surprised for Mr. Huber could clearly tell the age of ginseng even before he could present the

you get this ginseng? It's so perfect with intact and well-developed roots. The one who got it must also be

by him, Mr. Porter." Jennifer

to meet you, Mr. Huber!" Conrad quite respected the elder. So he addressed him as the

hands that he was not

Mr. Humber smoothed

I have everything for sale. Mr. Huber, if you want any rare medical materials.

a veteran doctor, Conrad deemed him a possible patron. So he could earn money

So do you have ambergris? A hundred grams

took out his phone and started to search on the app. As expected, he found

ambergris was. It was just a white irregular lump and looked weird. But

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