The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 7 A Branded Watch

Soon, the assistant of Jennifer, a pretty girl who looked quite attractive as well, walked towards Conrad and said, "Mr. Porter, how much is your ginseng? I suggest we should sign a contract."

Conrad stared at this pretty girl. He was sure that this girl must have attracted a lot of admirers. However, her pretty face was still much inferior when compared to Jennifer. No wondered Jennifer was known as the top beauty of BH City.

He soon collected himself and got down to the business.

Since it was a trade, the negotiation about the price would be the priority. At the beginning, Conrad wanted to offer the original price on the app with 15,000,000 yuan. But he changed his mind and made it 16,000,000 to make some space for the other party to bargain.

Hearing the offer, the assistant wasn't even surprised a bit. She took out her phone and noticed Jennifer for the final decision.

"That's the deal! But a contract is a must."

Jennifer accepted the offer without hesitation and didn't even bargain.

When the assistant told Conrad about it and was about to sign the contract, Conrad couldn't help exclaiming for such a rich and prestigious family. They didn't even bargain when facing the offer of 16,000,000 yuan!

16 million at a cost of only 1.8 yuan. Even with tax deducted, he would also be one of

then signed his name on the contract and soon he received 16 million

excitement to be

I need to go now!" Conrad then said

says she will have an appointment

only accepted his offer of 16 million, but also took the initiative to express thanks to him

beauty like Jennifer and he knew himself well. Since here came the chance to contact with her,

beauty in this city and even

the road to enjoy the appreciative looks from all passers-by. Even other cars on the road made way for him. After all, no one wanted to scratch a Lamborghini by

online as a poor guy in poverty yesterday. But now, he turned to be a multimillionaire! His future had been lighted up from the moment he downloaded the

went to a high-end restaurant and ordered a few dishes which cost him more than 700 yuan. Since it was an offline pay, he had no discount bonus as on the app. But for him, it made no difference

those masterpieces from a famous artist. They looked great with different colors

his phone rang. It was a call

in Kelody KTV tonight? You know, those classmates in the major will also attend the party, including Helen Mills. I bet

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