When waiting for the purchase done, Conrad scanned through the information text. The Patek Philippe Wristwatch was equipped with automatic movement mechanism Cal.R27Q and 467 accessories. It was also decorated with 39 gemstones, the watchcase of which was made of Rose Gold. It could also function as a calendar, moon phase and minute repeater. The whole watch was built upon a transparent plate with detachable bottom and sapphire glass. The radius of the watch was only 42 mm. Besides, the watch was totally water-proof even under the depth of 30 meters. Needless to say, it was one of the best watches in the world.

Half minute later, a delicately-wrapped appeared on the table, where the watch exactly lay.

Conrad unwrapped the box. He felt quite awesome as soon as he touched the watch. Before that, he could only have access to those common ones. But he could tell this one made a great difference from head to toe. He couldn't help falling in love with it immediately!

He felt seemingly being blessed as soon as he put on the watch on his wrist. No wonder every rich guy fancied a nice watch.

After lunch, Conrad went back to his rented shack. Upon looking around, he now fancied a villa to fit himself for his status. So he browsed on the app to check the price of that river-view villa again.

However, the villa wasn't discounted much. And Conrad still couldn't afford it as it would still cost 40,000,000 yuan. He had no choice but to take a deep breath and made up his mind to earn enough money to afford it next week.

Soon, the night fell. Conrad drove to the gathering place for the party with his Lamborghini. He took a look at those digital products placed at the back seat. He then put them all in a bag and walked in with it.

As Conrad entered the private room for guests, he saw a lot of old friends coming already, and they were just bragging with each other while boozing with beers.

"Hey, Conrad, there you are! Come over here!" Someone beckoned.

his luxurious suit and asked with surprise, "Wow, Conrad! I have never expected you to be so rich! Look at your Armani suit! Damn! What do you do

"Still unemployed." Conrad said.

I am asking you for money!" It

I do remember that a real Armani suit will cost about thirty to forty thousand. That must be taken from a flea market, right? How much

classmates of the same major, whose name was Reed Patel, who had always thrown sarcastic

did tell the

salesman, had met a lot of rich and successful businessmen. He could tell it was the real Armani

expect you to be such a rich guy, Conrad!" All

himself. Now he

remember to get your classmates involved!" Some

problem!" Conrad also started to think about start up his own business and he did need some employers. For him, he knew those classmates well. So they might be a nice

this city had arrived. After a while, a beauty pushed the door opened and entered the room, who immediately attracted a lot of guys.

makeup and off-the-shoulder mini dress while carrying an outdated Hermes. It seemed that she didn't have a good time

started to say hi to her and spared her

his luxurious suit. He looked

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