The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 9 For Everyone!

However, the most hateful guy, Reed mocked sarcastically, "Do you know how much the wine cost? The one who wants it should pay for it on her own!"

His mocking tone spared no room for Helen. She immediately argued, "Reed! What do you mean by saying that? Do you mean I can't afford it?"

"Whatever! I don't want to pay for it!" Reed replied without hesitation.

As a proud one, Helen immediately argued heatedly with him.

"Okay! Shut up! I have wine for everyone here!"

Conrad couldn't put up with the noise around. He suddenly shouted and the room suddenly felt into silence. Everyone looked at him with surprise.

He knew they argued just because of the expensive cost of wine and he hated the noise. Since now he was rich, he decided to take the initiative to deal with the argument. He knew he could have access to top brand of wine on the app with large discount.

He type 'wine' to the search bracket and saw a lot of pages. Then he ranked them from high price to low price so as to get the best.

The first rank appeared to be Romanee-Conti, 1989, with original price of 268,000 for each and discounted price of 0.58.

known as one of the most ancient wineries in France. And it was also well-known because of its incredible high

only took him less than 14

in front of him and such a seemingly magic show would definitely stun everyone. He then took a glimpse at the big bag filled with

all of them, which looked quite

the brand

nothing about the French, he could still spell to read the English brand loud, "Romanee-Conti? What kind of

that, everyone showed disdainful face against him as they all could tell from the unusual wrapping cover of the wine that it must be a quite expensive brand. What was more, it was

who knew much about wine among them, took one of the bottles and scrutinized it

mocked, "What was that? I have never heard about such a brand of winery. What makes you so surprised? It's not

with disdain and refuted, "You know nothing about wine but Lafite. You know what? Romanee-Conti ranks the first in the industry and a high-end bottle of wine like that is worth one hundred to two hundred thousand. However, the best date for taste of the Lafite Wine made in 1982 has already expired. And only its collection value really

quite surprised for her connoisseurship for

mixed feelings. If all the 24 bottles of Romanee-Conti were certified, they would cost at least millions of yuan. How could it

thought to herself. She had once tasted the real Romanee-Conti at a wine party. So she could tell whether it was

served everyone a glass of wine. Some of them even put ice in it to make it taste

in the world tastes like!" Stron held the glass high and suggested. And everyone took a sip at the

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