The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 10 Can I Have Your Watch for A Few Days?

"Wow, Conrad, are you doing great business now? You are so damn rich!" Conrad asked curiously.

"Nothing. I am just doing retailing stuff. You know, just selling things." Conrad replied.

Actually, he did tell the truth. He bought value stuff with great discount on the app and sold them with market price to earn money. And he did engage in retailing to some extent.

"You do surprise us all, huh? Come on, cheer for Conrad! Thanks for the best wine you offer!"

Everyone proposed a toast under the suggestion of Stron. And the atmosphere immediately turned to be quite lively.

Helen was now totally overwhelmed with mixture of regret and jealousy. Obviously, she could tell her ex, whom she once looked down upon, now became incredibly rich.

While drinking, everyone noticed the watch of Conrad. His pose did impress everyone present.

"That's the Patek Philippe Rose Gold Wristwatch?" Helen exclaimed again.

"Yes." Conrad said calmly. It seemed that he now had no feelings for his ex and just viewed her as a stranger.


refuse her request. He took

the same type in the flea market and it was worth only less than

you idiot! In the flea market? Are you serious? Do you know how much

on the same side with Conrad this time. Since Conrad was rich enough to afford so many bottles of

a simple watch costs? A mechanical watch like that would only cost thousands at most. Everyone could afford that. I just

or you will definitely hit your ass on the ground if you know the price. Listen up, the Patek Philippe Rose Gold Wristwatch is now currently sold with the price of 4,600,000 in the exclusive shop and every single one will be coupled with specific serial number

of pure gold?" As expected, Reed almost fell off the sofa. He couldn't even believe that the price of a single watch

materials and hundreds of components. Only a gentleman like Conrad could have one on his wrist. You could get nothing but a fake one only in the flea market!" Helen sneered to refute. Obviously, she had completely changed her attitude

this time. He lowered his head and kept drinking the Romanee-Conti offered by

and appreciating the watch. The longer she held it, the more she wanted it. She then lifted her boobs and rubbed them against Conrad's body. She then begged with sweet and coquettish voice, "Conrad,

actually asking for it. She deemed it quite possible that Conrad would just give her the watch if she managed to seduce him with her body as Conrad was so rich enough to give away millions to share the

just simply give it away as he wished. He could just buy another one with a few yuan on the app.

pushed her away with disgust. He took back the watch and put it on, "Just buy it yourself if you want

was rendered quite embarrassed upon hearing that. Soon, Stron stood up to propose a toast again to break the ice. Later, someone noticed the big bag beside Conrad

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