The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 11 Beg for Love Again

For most girls present, Conrad was exactly a prince charming with wealth and good-looking face. One of the girls asked, "Conrad, you are so rich and young. You must have a lot of admirers to be your girlfriends, right?"

"I am still single." Conrad said.

Upon hearing that, Helen seemed to be lighted up. She knew here came a chance for her. She was just abandoned by her ex rich boyfriend. So she now needed a relationship and also a big sum of money badly. Obviously, Conrad could be her best choice. She deemed it quite possible to get engaged in a relationship with him if she took the initiative to seduce him. Meanwhile, Helen believed that Conrad might still have feelings for her.

Then, Helen pretended to be drunken and sat beside Conrad. She took the opportunity to lean against him.

All boys present were quite aware that it was time for them to leave as they had fun today with the best wine and a cellphone or iPad as gift for each of them. So Stron suggested they should leave now. And he would later present everyone the bill by message to go Dutch.

"No bother. Let me pay the bill."

Conrad beckoned to the waiter to pay the bill. It only cost him a few thousands, which was obviously less than a bottle of Romanee-Conti. So he didn't even care about it.

"Hey, guys, say thanks to Conrad!"

Stron suggested while every boy here kept clapping to show gratitude.

"Don't mention it." Conrad felt quite awesome upon hearing that. He was completely recognized by all of his classmates as a rich and decent gentleman but not an unemployed guy anymore thanks to the Discount King app.

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offered and she felt much better. I would like to meet you

Since it was the invitation from the first beauty in this city, of course he would

always acted outright, just as she was known to all as a shrewd

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make Jennifer his girlfriend. What was more, just ravishing girlfriend would definitely attract other's eyes if

was about to go back home. Here came

stammered due to drunkenness, "Girls, hop in my sedan! It can fit four

those girls just ignored him but asked Conrad, "Hey, Conrad, where is your

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ran over there and almost drooled when seeing the

girls. And now Conrad had them all.

coquettish tone again. She leaned against him and rubbed against his body. She had never been that active when they were in a

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