The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 12 Buddha Beads Bracelet

When compared to the well-known first beauty in BH City, Helen was completely defeated. She looked quite awkward when facing Jennifer just as if she were a hen in front of the phoenix.

"Are you going to get in my car?" Conrad asked.

"Alright." Jennifer nodded. She made the chauffeur drive her here and she had planned to take Conrad's car to somewhere else.

So, the two got in the Lamborghini.

"Conrad! Why did you do this to me!" Helen still kept running to chase the Lamborghini.

Conrad lowered down the window and said, "Remember there is a saying goes like that. The one you disdained in the past will finally be the one you turn to be jealous of!"

After saying that, Conrad stepped on the gas and the Lamborghini soon disappeared.

"Damn! Is she Jennifer Austin? She got in Conrad's car? Holy shit! What a man! He even makes the first beauty in this city his girlfriend!"

Almost all classmates, including Stron himself, were exclaiming for such shocking news. They didn't expect Conrad to be both rich and so goddamn appealing to ladies!

Conrad refused the love confession from his ex and then drove away with Jennifer beside him! It really made every boy on spot quite jealous.

felt quite awesome at this moment as he just sharply refused his shameless ex. What was more, he had the first beauty beside

International with the biggest discount. And

can't put my hands off the steering wheel." Conrad accepted it calmly. Now he had earned a lot of money so he showed no interest in this VIP Card. He

hearing that, Jennifer couldn't help staring at

VIP Card for Austin International was an exclusive one for honorable guest only.

normal to see his emotionless face. However, she had made someone investigate Conrad. But she

by Patek Philippe and driving a Lamborghini.

thought of that, Jennifer was even

mysterious guy!' She thought to

you going?" Conrad

me to a

course." Conrad then drove her there

a shop beside the road located at an old community, which was called Pious Buddhist. It was a specialty store mainly selling stuff relating to Buddhism, such as Kasaya

woke up, she said it was the Bodhisattva who saved her in dream and woke her up. In her dream, she saw a Buddha Beads Bracelet. So I am here to buy one for her." Jennifer said to Conrad to

hearing that, Conrad said nothing and just

man with a smiling face, looking like a Maitreya Buddha if he were in a

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