The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 13 Conrad, a Mysterious Guy

It was an ancient-look wooden bracelet made of eaglewood of top quality. It also functioned as a religious token to exorcise evil spirits and soften one's mind. What was more, it was also consecrated by an eminent monk as well. It valued greatly as a rare collection and it was also suitable for one to put on. So it should be a nice choice to meet Jennifer's need.

So Conrad clicked to buy it.

"Hey, I happen to have a bracelet. You can have a look at it." Conrad handed Jennifer the wrapped packet where there lay the bracelet.

The owned seemed to be offended, "Hey, you are trying to steal my business, aren't you? Listen up, boy, here it the best and most qualified exclusive shop for Buddhists! It's impossible for you to have a better one than mine!"

"Really?" Jennifer took the packet and unwrapped it. Then she saw a wooden bracelet with smooth and glowing surface inside, which slowly emitted a strong fragrance of sandalwood. Jennifer was immediately refreshed when smelt the scent.

better! How did you

bracelet for her mother, but she had never got a better one than this one.

Just take it if you want it."

course, the bracelet only cost him 1.01 yuan. No wondered he

"No way!"

scrutinize it. The longer he fixed his eyes on it, the more stunned he was then, "No way! It was made of the best sandalwood in the South. Even every single bead on it was carved into the same lines. It must be handpicked with the cost of tons of top-quality sandalwood. What's more, the crafter must be a master of all in this country! This bracelet would cost at least dozens of thousands of yuan. Even its existence could be deemed as the Epiphany of Buhhda!

"Really?" Jennifer asked excitedly.

have been in this industry for more than twenty years. And I finally have the chance to see what could be deemed as

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