The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 14 A Saleswoman

Residence Buildings No.5 Located at the Jadeite Garden Community (92 apartments in total), Original Price: 167,000,000, Discounted Price: 0.7!

Conrad couldn't even believe what he just saw. He rubbed his eyes and finally made sure it was the right number. He was so excited that he even punched forward in the air.

That was the discounted price with more than 99% off of the whole residence building with 23 floors and four apartments in each floor.

The incredible discounted enabled Conrad to earn more than 100,000,000 instantly with a cost of only 0.7, which was even cheaper than an ice-cream.


"Buy it!" Conrad clicked the button with his trembling fingers. And it was even much more expensive than a villa.

'The Property Ownership Certificate is now being verified. Estimated Time: 5 hours.' Soon, he received the notice from the app. Perhaps it was because there were 92 certificates in total. It took much more time than any other products he purchased before.

But it was okay for Conrad since it was time for bed. He could own a whole residence building when he woke up next day.

Conrad smiled while dreaming.

In his dream, he lived in a big house and Jennifer, wearing a sexy maid outfit, kneeled beside him while holding a plate of fruits. Conrad lay beside and enjoyed the grapes fed by her. Soon, the hormone started to overwhelm both of them. Conrad held Jennifer in his arms and both of them got onto a queen-size bed.

a seductive voice, "Master, please lie

out of her red lips and

What was worse, Jennifer looked a bit weird. He pinched her face and suddenly saw a bearded man's

a pile of stuff seemed to fall

was just dreaming. And there was something pressing on his body. No wonder, he

noticed they were all in a red cover,

Ownership Certificates on the ground. He counted them one by one and made sure that it was 92 in total. He scanned them through and noticed there were types of apartments equipped with three bedrooms

saved more than 100 million because of this app exclusive for him this

out to have breakfast and decided to

to visit a single department for their own respectively. But for Conrad, he owned a whole

He picked it up and noticed it was a voice from a sweet girl, "Excuse me, Mr.

is it?"

bought the Residence building No.5 this morning but you haven't signed on the contract and you haven't got the

was only 7:00 AM. Then he

going to work for my first day. I am not that familiar with

dedicated to work. I will be there after breakfast." Conrad then hung up

as he took a few bites, his phone rang again.

No.102 Located at the Residence Buildings No.5 in Jadeite

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