After breakfast, Conrad drove to the sales office of Jadeite Garden Community with his Lamborghini. As it was still early, there was no car in the parking lot.

Conrad walked through the gate and soon he saw a young saleswoman with office suit running out. It was a pretty girl with delicate face and a simple pony tail behind her nape.

"Nice to meet you, sir! You must be Mr. Porter, right?"

As she spoke, Conrad could tell it was the girl named Amara who just called him. He could tell she must be a well-shaped beauty when seeing her busty and sexy body.

Conrad smiled while Amara still remained restrained and nervous as a rookie.

"You just graduate from college?" Conrad asked.

"Yes, but I am doing my best to make myself better and serve all my guests well!" Amara said in a formal and boring tone.

"Okay, where is the contract? Let me sign it." Conrad said.

"In the reception room. Please come with me!" Amara led the way nervously and Conrad followed behind while watching her from head to toe. She was indeed a nice beauty with nice-curve body and attractive face. However, she seemed to be rusty in putting on makeup. Or she would definitely look much more beautiful.

As they entered the room, he saw a pile of files of contracts on the table for his signature.

"I have so many to sign on?" Conrad was shocked.

them was sold yesterday. You are really

quite good to be praised

contract and found that all his basic information including name, ID Number had been printed

really troublesome to sign my name on all contracts. Just replace it

the rules of us." Amara refuted in a

I am the customer! You should serve me like the God! Are you going

legally authorized since

do as Conrad required and she took the inkpad for him. And then she opened the contract

still took quite a lot of time to print his finger on all contracts. As Conrad was just printing, they

he had been printing for quite a while. He felt a bit annoyed

you smiling?" Conrad

residence building No.5. Since you have bought the whole building, I will have

"Well, congratulation."

because of Conrad's purchase and

for Conrad. So she ran to served him tea with a

her, "Amara, come over here. We have an honorable guest to receive. Mr. Cook is

is also an honorable guest who just purchased 92

92 in total in the whole building and they

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