Adrian even lit up a cigar and took a whiff of it. Then he said, "Young man, it's never a shame to be poor. But disguising as the rich while you are poor will be quite humiliating! I know you might just purchase one or two apartments. But if you still brag that you got 92 in total, that would be quite awkward!"

Obviously, both of them didn't believe that Conrad could afford the whole building.

"Well, what if I do?"

Conrad glanced at Adrian, an obese middle-aged man, who looked ugly with his big belly. His suit couldn't even fit his body as some of the buttons of it were off and there was even no hair left on his head. He looked awful and even a bit funny.

"If you do have 92 apartments in total, I will eat all the certificates! And what if you don't?" Adrian provoked.

"Then I will eat 92 certificates as well." Conrad felt quite interesting as he really wanted to see how this man was going to eat the certificates. So he made the bet and then threw the key of his Lamborghini to Amara, who still stood beside. He told her to bring over the box in his car.

Amara soon ran out and returned with a big heavy box.

"What are you doing?" Manager warned Conrad, "If you want to mess around, I am calling the security guard!"

Conrad placed the box on the table and opened it, where there lay a pile of red certificates. Then he said to Adrian, "Help yourself! Do you need some seasoning?"


Ownership Certificates indeed. He then opened them one by one and checked them carefully. He was really surprised to find that the apartment numbers were all consecutive. And they were all the apartments of the

be fake! Manager Berry,

someone to

for him to believe it, they were still indeed

When was the

the information and he was told that they did receive the sum of money

young man is a super billionaire?" Manager Berry was

whole building was confirmed, it meant to be a great bonanza for Manager Berry as he could get a big bonus, which was exactly offered

sorry to slight you just now! Please forgive me!" Then he turned to look at other staffs and shouted, "Serve this gentleman the best seat and the best tea! Bring over the top-quality Pi Lo Chun

this moment, all staffs in the sales office were busy doing their best to serve Conrad. Some of them were getting a settee for him. Some of them were making tea and bringing fruits and refreshments while some of them were fanning for Conrad as if he were

all, Conrad did the most incredible thing they had ever known—he

fawning and then he continued, "But now I want to see you to eat

purchase was confirmed and so did all the certificates. Conrad did win the bet and Adrian needed to eat all certificates according to

the pile of certificates in his front and beckoned

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