The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 17 Are You Nervous?

"Print them all with the seal!" Conrad pointed at the contracts on the table.

"But it goes against the rules…" Manager Berry tried to negotiate.

"Go against the rules?" Conrad sneered, "Well, I am afraid I need to ask for a refund and please take back all the certificates and return all my money."

"Okay, I will just have them all sealed!" Manager Berry gave in and started to do it as required.

Though Conrad didn't have his own official seal, he could get one on the app, where he could customize one with his own name.

Conrad bought five seals with a discounted price of 0.08 yuan only.

Soon, he got them all and threw them in front of Manager Berry. Conrad then said, "Just continue with your work! I need this lady to show me my building."

"Okay, no problem." Manager Berry agreed and beckoned Amara to serve Conrad well.

"Yes, sir!" Amara nodded seriously as if she were ordered to take over the fate of all human beings.

Conrad then left the sales office while Amara took the keys of all the 92 apartments. She got into the Lamborghini with him. Obviously, Amara had never got into such a luxurious sports car as she was quite nervous with both her legs fixed together closed. She sat stiffly, afraid to scratch the car.

"You don't need to be so restrained. Just sit as usual." Conrad smiled.

But Amara was



nervous when


underground train as it's worth tens of million. Since you don't even nervous in the underground, why don't

relax a bit, "Thank you,

by my name." Conrad drove towards the community, which was not far from the sales

Porter." Amara was still nervous. After all, she just worked as an employee. She felt much more inferior when facing such

care much about how she was going to address him.

She couldn't help but murmur to herself, "He looks so attractive just like those superstars. He is so refined and even so elegant. He

making a turn, he suddenly made an eye contact with Amara, "What's wrong with

her sight immediately. It was really awkward to be

the guard as there was no information about his car in the database. So the guard didn't deem him

he still needed to go through other procedures to get access to enter though he officially owned the

community. Please let us

"Which apartment he owns?"

"The Building No.5!"

whole building! I mean which one exactly!" The guard said impatiently.

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