The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 18 Another Job

All apartments in this community had been already decorated and furnished with high standard. So every resident could just live in with their own luggage. Before Conrad entered the apartment, Amara helped to wrap his shoes with covers to avoid staining the floor.

The apartment was design with a European style featuring by Warm White color, which was quite popular among the young. The one Conrad was now visiting was equipped with three bedrooms. He was satisfied with this one as it was much better than his little rented shack. What was more, it was also furnished with basic home appliances. So he could just move in today.

"Okay, take me to No.102." Conrad headed to another one.

In order to decorate all apartments more effectively, all of them in the whole building were mainly decorated with two styles, which were arranged in the two apartments opposite to each other in each floor. So Conrad would see both the two styles while only visiting another apartment opposite to the last one.

And the Apartment No. 102 was decorated with another style featuring with dark color including brownish red floor and white wall. Such an apartment would mostly fit the elder to live in.

"So, Mr. Porter, are you satisfied with the apartments?" Amara asked.

Conrad smiled, "What can I do if I say no after I bought them all?"

"Oh, sorry…" Amara blushed a bit awkwardly.

Conrad could tell she was just an innocent and simple girl. And it was really rare to meet such a girl while everyone was overwhelmed with fetishism of money.

While they were talking, continuous footsteps sounded outside the door. It was a group of people with employee ID cards hung in front of their chests. They were all the staffs of the property management company while the foreman was the manager, a middle-aged man in his thirties.

"Mr. Porter, I am so sorry we are late. What can I do for you?" The manager said with a smiled and shook hands with Conrad.

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