The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 19 The Chief Assistant

"What? Quintupled?" Amara was stunned. Now she was so excited and she got rid of the sadness of being fired. She immediately wiped away her tears as she heard of such a nice pay.

"You don't want to take this job?" Conrad asked.

"Of course I want it so badly! But everyone says that I am stupid and I am afraid that I can't do this job well." Amara hurried to answer.

"Come on, just be more confident. I won't make you do something difficult. What you need to do now is to manage this building. And perhaps I can induct you as the building manager here."

"Me? Manage the whole building?" Amara was stunned. She couldn't believe that she needed to bear such a responsibility.

"Yes, I can't just leave the whole building here and do nothing about it. I will just spare some of the apartments here to live in or for other purposes. And you can rent the rest for someone else. Perhaps I can earn some money even after paying the property management fee. If the market price of the building mounts to a certain level, you can help me sell them out. Well, it all depends on you." Conrad said.

Conrad was aware that he could still earn a great deal of money with the app. But once the discount ran out, he would have nothing to earn money from. So he decided to earn himself more by other means.

"Okay, I am sure I can do this!" Since it was a job related to real estate industry, Amara regained her confidence and smiled. Just before she was employed as an intern, she had learnt a lot about the relative knowledge.

"Here is your first mission. Just place the quilts and appliances in other apartments beside. I need to spare them for myself to live in. Can you can also choose anyone of them to accommodate yourself." Conrad said.

soon as possible!" Amara straightened her back to promise. Her nice body revealed in front of

a contract with you about my job?" Amara hesitated but

company yet. So I have no contract. But I promise I will sign one with you. As for a formal written contract, you can just design one by yourself. After all, now you serve as my chief assistant, you should know what

right to her to manage the business. But he was just too lazy to draft a contract. Then he noted down the bank account of Amara and transferred 30,000 yuan for her as an advance of wages so

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a problem. Just work

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went to the parking lot to drive his car. When the guards saw the Lamborghini this time, they all saluted as they were all aware of the real identity

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few elder patients were sitting there while two middle-aged doctors

is Mr. Huber here?" Conrad asked

must be Mr. Porter, right? Welcome! Mr. Humber is now expecting you. Please follow me." A nurse

the doctors serving in the clinic were his students. And

Mr. Humber at the backyard, who was practicing Tai Chi in a white suit. Of course, he

minutes later, Mr. Humber finished his exercise and smiled at him, "Sorry to keep you waiting,

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