The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 20 Elixir of Strength

As for the weight of ambergris Mr. Huber needed, he just said, "Well, give me 200 grams first. After all, it's too expensive. I can't get too much."


Conrad clicked on the app and bought 200 grams of ambergris from it. Soon, a box appeared in his bag, where there placed the ambergris.

Conrad handed the box to Mr. Huber. As it was indeed a big deal, Mr. Huber opened the box to confirm the quality of ambergris.

Then he called his son to make him transfer 1,600,000 to Conrad's back account.

Soon, Conrad received the money and the deal was concluded.

Mr. Huber asked him to stay to discuss about purchasing some rare medical materials. Fortunately, Conrad noticed that all of them were in stock on the app. So he promised he could provide the materials he needed with top quality at any time when he got the call.

"Okay, let me note them down and you just get prepared. When I need them, you can just have them delivered." Mr. Huber wrote a list of medical materials on paper with Chinese brush pen.

Conrad took it and looked at it. He really appreciated the nice handwriting on this paper. He claimed that Mr. Huber was so good at calligraphy that he would definitely win the prize in a calligraphy competition.

Upon hearing that, Mr. Huber was even more delighted. He asked Conrad to stay to visit his house.

a lot of ancient thread-bound books on the shelf,

was named as Recipe

have a look?" Conrad

most of the ancient prescriptions have gone." Mr.

of the damage of

the environmental damage is also a destruction of the traditional

only recover those prescriptions when the technology is well-developed enough

ancient Chinese. Mr. Huber stood beside

others; two will enable you to be the strongest man in the world; three will enable you with endless power; four will enable you to be the only unstoppable creature ever.' When seeing this prescription, Conrad couldn't help

be a bit exaggerated. But now no one knows if it works. Don't ever think about it. One of the key materials named Blood Grass has gone extinct. That was why there once were a lot of incredibly strong Hammer Warriors during Sui and Tang Dynasty. However, no strong warriors had ever appeared after that. And

this book. It was said that the Blood Grass would only bloom at night, whose stem featured with blood red color. And that was

the magical effect of the Elixir of Strength, Conrad really had an urge to have a try. Being powerful and strong was the dream of all men. And it might enable him with incredible energy.

there is any Blood Grass on the Discount King app!' Conrad thought to himself and then started to browse on the app. He then typed in 'Blood Grass' on the plant section to search. However, he found

bit disappointed. But this was just a shopping app instead of a science museum. It was still of little possibility that he could got an extinct plant from

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