The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 21 Move In

Mr. Humber crashed a leaf of it, from which some red juice could be seen. He touched a bit and it tasted a bit spicy and poignant. His tongue was rendered numb all of a sudden.

"It seems to be the real Blood Grass! Young man, you really surprise me a lot! You even manage to get an extinct plant for medicine. I am sure I can make the Elixir of Strength now!"

"Really? Mr. Huber, could you please make me some doses of Elixir of Strength? I can pay you enough money!" Conrad said.

"Well, you don't need to. Just sell me a few more Blood Grasses and I can make some Elixir of Strength for you for free!" Mr. Huber said excitedly.

"Sorry, this is the only one I have. If I have more later, I can just give you some of them for research and they will be free of charge." Conrad said.

"Okay, since then, I will make some doses of Elixir of Strength for you. But I have a request."

"Just go ahead!" Conrad said.

"Please inform me of the effect after you take it. I need to note it down for further research."

"That's all? No problem!" Conrad immediately agreed. He once thought that Mr. Huber would ask for something valuable as return. So it really surprised him to know that Mr. Humber only asked for such a simple request. Since Conrad had no knowledge of Chinese pharmacy, it would be the best choice to leave it to Mr. Huber.

be other valuable materials needed for the Elixir of Strength, Conrad transferred 500,000 for Mr. Huber as return though he tried to turn down. He was quite aware that making the Elixir of Strength would take quite a lot of

or two days. As it's also my first time to do it, I have no experience about it. If

a great treasure for him

felt great when he left the clinic. He not only earned some money, but also gained the Elixir of Strength. If it really worked

to search for other Night Orchid. But he still couldn't find any information about the producer. Nor did he know how the Discount King

app, he just put it aside. He then drove back to his rented shack and moved some of his personal belongings to the new apartments in the Jadeite Garden Community,

packing up, he found the blank title deed he purchased a few days ago on the bed. He just purchased

only cost

no contact information on it. It was impossible for him to figure

contact the producer, he still needed to fumble to use it. Since he had got so many valuable things on the app, he deemed that this one should be of value

his name on it. But nothing happened. Then he filled in the Address blank

happened. His handwriting disappeared and there shown that 'This property

was aware of the use of the blank title deed. It appeared to be another incredible stuff. He needed to use

to his new apartment. He was quite happy to

move to a new community, he decided to inform his best friend next door, Coleman. He went to knock the door but no one answered. Perhaps Coleman was still playing games while putting

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