The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 22 Hoard Liquor

"You are Conrad Porter, right?" The man asked directly.

"Yes, who are you?"

"I am the customer of Ms. Austin. She says you sell nice liquor?"

"What do you get?" The man asked in a domineering tone, making Conrad a bit annoyed.

Conrad browsed the liquor section on the app and ranked them from high to low price. Then he said, "I have all kinds of liquor and wine as much as you want."

"Do you have Chinese Maotai aged 50 years?"

"Sorry, no." Conrad denied.

"You don't even have aged Maotai with 50 years? What the hell?" The man seemed to be irritated.

"I don't have that cheap shit! I only sell Maotai aged 80 years at least. Besides, I have all kinds of limited-edition aged liquor worth tens of thousands. I would like to know if you can afford it." Conrad replied.

"80 years?! Really!" The man was stunned. His arrogant voice seemed to soften immediately.

"Just come to the Apartment No.101 of the Building No.5 located at the Jadeite Garden Community." Conrad then hung up the phone. He hated those customers who spoke in an aggressive tone. Since the aged liquor always gained favor in the market, he was sure he would attract a lot of customers.

Conrad drove back to the community and noticed that Amara had placed all the beddings and home appliances properly. And now she was cleaning the apartments on the first floor.

sunlight fell on her from the window, who was still busy cleaning, looking like a virtuous

to spruce herself. It seems that I have to buy

immediately put down the

looked at the nice and clean apartment. He nodded with satisfaction, "You did a good job. Just take a rest if you are tired. Oh, by the way, I will take

nodded. Actually, she was a bit excited to where Conrad

it the office as it was convenient

to get some liquor, Conrad started to browse the aged

years), Original Price: 67000,


Caesar, Original Price: 21000, Discounted

50 years), Original Price: 13000, Discounted Price:

Original Price: 18000, Discounted

Classic, Original Price: 20000,

he would sell them with nice price. So he

was aware that those kinds of liquor could still be commonly seen in the market thought they were expensive. He still needed some of the best high-end aged liquor for collection

(No. 0027),

Commemorative Limited Edition (No. 0029),

aged liquor with unique number. And they were the only remaining stocks on the app. So

customers wanted to buy them, Conrad would just sell them with the original price as he

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