The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 23 She Looks Pretty!

"Hold on, will you charge me for tasting it?" Kim asked cautiously as he had once met a snob who charged him money for tasting though he got the promise in advance that it was free for it.

"Come on, since it's free of charge if you want to just taste something in the supermarket, you can still taste the liquor here for free!" Conrad said.

"Really?" Kim looked at Conrad with doubt. But he still chose two kinds of liquor for tasting—80-year-old aged Maotai and Swellfun 1916 Classic.

The 80-year-old aged Maotai actually referred to the annual limited-edition liquor aiming at commemorating the Panama World's Fair held in 1915, which was produced by the refined alcohol brewed in 1915. Each single bottle of them was verified with unique numbers and certificate. They had been deemed as the best gift for the most honorable guest.

As for the Swellfun 1916 Classic, it was also deemed as a treasure for guests. Obviously, Kim was a connoisseur.

"Okay, I will open them for you to taste." But Conrad found that he had no glasses around and it would be a waste if Kim drank with the whole bottle. So he said, "Amara, bring me a few glasses."

"Okay, I am coming!" The sweet voice of Amara could be heard from outside as she was quite closed to them.

Amara, who dressed in an office uniform, then took a few goblets into the room with a tray, looking quite attractive.

"Wow, she looks pretty! Is she your secretary?" Kim's eyes seemed to glow with hormone and he kept staring at her body.

Conrad squinted at him so as to remind him of the business.

discourtesy. He cleared his voice awkwardly and focused on the

Conrad opened the aged Maotai, Kim could smell the unique fragrant emitting from it. He couldn't help closing

could that boy waste such a bottle of luxurious liquor!' Kim thought to

app, where there were all kinds of luxurious products with more than 99% off the original price. Even if Conrad was asked to have all the bottles of Maotai opened for tasting,

only for tasting. For her, wasting the liquor would be the last thing she

the liquor near his nostrils, which smelt quite unique with nice fragrance. He then took a sip and suddenly the

satisfied him. Though it was his first time to taste

little drop of it was quite valuable. Kim then

opened bottle of

section for this one comes to an end!" Amara took back the liquor.

dissolved into laughter. He seemed to employ

the Swellfun 1916 Classic and Amara poured a shot

with pure water first and then

from Maotai and he could tell that this one was a bit inferior to Maotai, they still made no great difference

then said, "So you can rest assure now. How many bottles of them

may I know the price first?" Kim softened his attitude greatly as before and asked with great respect. Since he had great need for aged liquor, he had to develop a nice friendship

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