The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 24 Only for Disinfection?

When Kim was about to leave, he suddenly noticed that there were two unique bottles of Wuliangye. So he approached to observe carefully. Then he suddenly exclaimed, "Jesus, Mr. Porter, you even own Wuliangye Commemorative Limited Edition?"

"Yes, but I have only two. So I am afraid I can't open one of them for tasting." Conrad said.

"Nice! I heard that the one with No. 0009 was sold with a price of 880,000! How much would you like to sell for?" Kim asked excitedly.

"700,000 for each and the number of them were 0027 and 0029. So do you want them?"

"Of course I want! But I can't afford it. I need to ask my boss." Kim held one of them and observed for quite a while. And then he put it on the table unwillingly. He took a few pictures of it for his boss.

But suddenly, Amara screamed and then the noise of the glass dropping on the ground sounded.

The two men immediately turned around and found that Amara broke a glass by accident. And her fair finger was cut and bleeding.

"Be careful!" Conrad hurried forward to check her wound. He breathed a sigh of relief when seeing that it was just a mere cut. Now he needed to disinfect her wound and bandage it.

iodine when it suddenly disappeared after purchase. So he decided to use the liquor around for disinfection. Then he grabbed the closest bottle of liquor—the limited-edition of Wuliangye No. 0029. He opened it and poured

worth 700,000!" Kim was rendered stunned. He had seen those rich guys boozing with luxurious liquor, but he had never seen a

suppressed her tears. She couldn't believe that the liquor poured on her finger would be worth 700,000, almost half of the price of

Please don't waste it on my finger."

still be produced. But a nice assistant is priceless for me!

bit because of the liquor, but she felt quite warm and grateful. She had just

expect that the liquor, which only cost him 0.9, would help

Kim couldn't help exclaiming. As an onlooker,

Kim then left and there

for her and then wrapped it with woundplast when it stopped bleeding. As she only cut her little finger on

Do you need to rest

It doesn't matter. It's just a mere cut. I will recover soon a few days later!" Amara shook her head. She just decided that she

immediately helped to sort out the remaining

you going to do liquor business then?" Amara

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