The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 25 New Version

Amara asked curiously when getting into the Lamborghini, "Boss, where are you going to take me to?"

"I will get you a new hairstyle and some nice clothes." Conrad then started the engine.

"Really? Do I look bad like this?" Amara was a bit unconfident of herself when having no makeup.

"No, you look good. But I want you to be better. I will take you to a hair salon first then I will get you some nice clothes. That's it." Conrad smiled.

"Okay!" Amara held no objection. She even quite looked forward to his reaction when she had a completely change of her own appearance.

Conrad drove to the most famous salon in this city, which provided both hairstyle and facial service. As they entered, the middle-aged proprietress immediately came forward to receive them with great passion as she noticed the luxurious suit of Conrad.

"Sir, are you going to have your girlfriend a nice hairstyle?" The proprietress asked.

"Nonono!" Amara shook her head to deny with a blushed face.

"She is my assistant. I want to make her a shoulder-length hairstyle." Conrad said.

Amara still looked quite simple as a college student with a pony tail. So Conrad wanted to make her look more like a professional office lady.

am so sorry. This way, please. I will make Tony, the best hairstylist

a middle-aged man with rainbow-liked hair, who was known

her a nice style. And I can afford everything

Tony spoke with

Tony wrapped her with a cape

pretty good. So I am going to make you a popular Korean-style shoulder-length hair. Besides, I will offer you the best

expect much. She only wanted to satisfy

hairs. Though he looked mediocre and spoke with strong and weird accent, he was indeed a capable hairstylist. He

main shape of her hairs. Then he started to make hair rebonding for her to make her hairs looked sleek

the number of discounted goods had been mounting from cars, household electric appliances to daily commodities. The higher the price of the product, the larger the discount

be the best for

updated according to your need.' Suddenly, he saw a notice from the app. Conrad seemed to be quite excited to see such a notice. Since he could get so many nice products on the app, perhaps he would get something much more valuable


hundreds of words, among which the mentioned one was highlighted. Now he had enough common goods, he wanted something more

Click to update.' Just as Conrad sent his feedback, he got a notice for

able to update it so soon."

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