The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 26 Offer Her the Best

Soon, he saw a list of products.

Shiseido Hair Conditioner (Made in Japan), Original Price: 3118, Discounted Price: 0.38!

Kerastase Hair Mask, Original Price: 4300, Discounted Price: 0.42!

Jspato Shampoo, Original Price: 3900, Discounted Price: 0.26!

All of those high-end products were worth 2000 yuan at least. Conrad decided to buy them all since they only cost a little on the app and he had no idea which one would be the best for Amara.

'Bonus: random credit gained for the purchase. Click here to get it!' Suddenly, Conrad saw the notice. It seemed that he was lucky enough to get a credit bonus because of the purchase. So Conrad clicked to open it.

'Congratulation! You have got ONE Discount Credit!' Conrad was rendered a bit speechless as he only got one credit. But it was still better than nothing.

Now the priority was to finish the hairstyle. So Conrad placed all the products on the table and said, "Use these! I don't want her hairs stained by your cheap stuff. You know it's pretty awful actually."

rules of the salon.

don't wish to repeat my words again." Conrad ordered sternly with

still agreed

the products provided by Conrad, he was rendered stunned as he was quite aware of the value as a professional

single one of them would cost thousands of yuan at least. Sir, you are really generous!" Tony couldn't help exclaiming. The hair care products they kept in the salon were only worth less than 100. Needless to say, they would be totally smashed by Conrad's

many expensive products for my hairs." Amara was also quite

be used. Tony, just use as much

girl in this city!" Tony was totally subdued for Conrad's generosity. Now he just wanted to do his best to make the best hairstyle for

she saw herself becoming more and

glowed like mirror after all kinds of the top-quality hair care products being applied. Her

do you like your new hairstyle." Tony unwrapped the cape and showed her in front of the

stared at herself in the mirror and she stroked her hair. It was so smooth and she almost fell in love with

her first time to know that it made such a great difference between those who had hair care and those who didn't. No wonder the rich lady looked more

hairstyle design, Amara looked like a

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