The Luxury of Discount King

Chapter 27 The Whole Building

Conrad drove the Lamborghini to the nearest Wondar Shopping Mall. Then they went to the Lady's Wear section.

At the beginning, Amara still hesitated when seeing Conrad spending so much for her. But now she started to realize that it was quite necessary to spend money for her overall appearance as she also represented the image of their company. So she decided to dress herself well to serve Conrad in a better way.

When they entered a lady's wear shop, Amara just kept silent and followed the ideas of Conrad.

Conrad observed her for a while and then picked up two nice office lady suits and also a few suits of casual wears for her. Sportswear, evening dress and skirt were also taken into account.

Conrad chose a few suits of them and made Amara try on. As expected, Amara fit all kinds of suits with her gorgeous look. So Conrad decided to buy them all, which piled up beside them like a hill.

"Boss, I think it's enough for me." Amara whispered to remind him. She even hadn't bought so many suits during the past few years. What was more, every single suit cost thousands at least, which really stunned her.

"I don't think it's enough." Conrad frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly, a perfect look of a chief assistant suddenly popped out in his mind.

"Put this suit on and the silk stockings and high heels." Conrad suddenly had an idea. He immediately took a few suits of wear for her to try on.

"Really?" Amara hesitated.

"Of course! Just do it!" Conrad made her into the fitting room.


in a black tight skirt coupled with semitransparent black silk stockings, with which her

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still needed something more to look better. Then he noticed a pair of black frame glasses on the dummy beside. So he

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same attractive as Jennifer when dressing up. No wonder it's said that every lady needs to

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money with his bank card, which cost him more than 90,000 in total. Though he had no discount for the shopping in the shop, he still had more than ten

put everything he bought today into his car. Since the night

planned to celebrate with a big feast. But it seemed that they needed to take all the stuffs

But it suddenly occurred to him that his best friend, Coleman, still lived in the rental shack. They even once shared the same cup of instant noodles when they were both in need. Since now Conrad turned to be rich, it was time to repay for their

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